10 Steps to Digital Camera Heaven

by ♔ Georgie R

So you are about to purchase a digital camera, you are getting excited about the prospect of having that slick new camera in your hands and you are now off to the store to buy that digital camera you want, right? No, wrong. There are 10 steps you must consider to purchasing a digital camera, read this article then by all means pop down the shop and make your purchase because you will already be wiser.

Here are the ten steps.

1. Know your budget. Yes, unfortunately this is the most important consideration. There is no good in considering the top of the range camera if you are unable to afford it. Also make sure if you going to a store to buy your digital camera, tell the salesman straight away what your budget is! Do not be pressured into expanding your budget.

2. What use is the camera for? Is this for professional use or taking the odd pictures of your children? Will your camera be used mostly indoors, outdoors, or both? Always keep in mind the specific purpose of the camera, this alone will help elimination of the various cameras and help you select the camera right for you.

3. Desire Versus Needs. I think it is obvious that everyone would have the best camera in the market if money was no object, however money is an object for most people and what determines the price of cameras is the amount of features included. When looking at your camera give serious consideration over what features are absolutely necessary. It is all good having a camera with hundreds of features, however if you only end up using several features you have wasted your money!

4. Do your research. Read independent reviews etc. Fight the urge to react to any advert or advice your friend has given you. Although the information they give you may be factual, there may well be a better digital camera on the market. Read and read, and once you become tired, read some more. Then you will have even more knowledge to make an informed decision.

5. Having a LCD screen or not? Having a LCD screen will mean you can review your pictures, however consider that it is an extra cost.

6. Memory Cards. Does the camera have an option to insert memory cards or do you just have the internal memory to go on? Obviously the option for memory cards will result in more flexibility.

7. Pixels and Resolution. The higher the mega pixel range, the better quality the pictures. Again consider that the higher the mega pixels the higher the cost. If you are just using the camera to view pictures on websites etc then a lower mega pixel range may suffice, if however you will be printing large scale photos of your pictures then a higher mega pixel range will have to be considered.

8. Is the camera compatible with your computer? This is not normally a problem, however should be borne in mind for older computers and MAC computers.

9. How user friendly is the camera? The digital camera should be very easy to use. It is no good to you if the digital camera has endless features which you do not know how to use.

10. Consideration of the digital camera brand over the features and price. It is a lot easier to consider the big brands and go with one of their top models, but take a look at the lesser brands which do not immediately spring to mind and look at their models and features, you may well get a better deal.

Using these 10 steps will put you in a better position to purchase your next digital camera.

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5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


No doubt, some creatures we have living in this Earth are very weird looking, but there are still mysterious ones that are left to be identified and the search continues…Like always mentioned, the internet is full of hoax videos ofcourse but within this countdown we only bring you the realest ones out there. And you definitely dont want to miss any of the numbers shown here because after watching this list, you might be left thinking that we may be living in a world where we are definitely not alone. So prepare because here are 5….. Ready? Well…Lets Begin!

1. The Roadside Creature

The footage your about to see shows someone driving thourgh a remote area as he encounters the most unexplainable sighting he has ever seen. The person recording slows his vehicle to avoid hitting what he is seeing. As the video goes on, the strange like creature seems less human than it was at the beginning of the video. No one can identify what is seen, but you be the judge. So here it is…

2. The Sewer Monster

What you are about to see is the Infamous Sewer Monster creaturer captured by a close circuit camera by the North West water company “United Utilities” In England. The creature shown in the video is described by a worker as being ‘far too big for a rat, standing upright on strong back legs’. The employee says that he has never seen such thing like it. Here is the footage…

3. The Wessex Way Monster

In the footage about to be shown, a traffic surveillance camera recorded a very odd looking creature crossing the road at around 2 Am in Wessex Way , Great Britain. This footage about to be displayed has led to much debate about what it could possibly be, but there are still no exact answers to this humanoid like creature. So here it is…

4. Flying Creature

The video your about to see shows two people posing for the camera when all of the sudden a very strange humanoid creature flies over the people recording. In the footage, you can hear people screaming in the background in complete shock and in confusement. People think it might be an alien even though the creature is no way near to be identified. Here it is…

5. The Albino Bigfoot

What you are about to see is a a video recorded in Pennsylvania where residents have been hearing strange sounds at night. One of the homeowners goes out to investigate the weird noises, flashlight in one hand, video camera in the other. And guess what the homeowner caught on tape? Well, thats for you to see…. Here it is

Music Background: Kevin MacLeod ~ Lightless Dawn : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E5uY08HThc


1. The Roadside Creature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJUrg0Di99Y
2. The Sewer Monster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddtonXuppHs
3. The Wessex Way Monster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d3Ty2IYGhA
4. Flying Creature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te1Ce2GnBI0
5. The Albino Bigfoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFXmNPcLW14

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