4 Traits To Ask For When You Buy Your Olympus Flash

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by Photography by Servando Miramontes

The Olympus Flash allows you to immensely increase the style of your SLR pictures. I personally use an Olympus E-510, but you may use another camera, so replace Olympus with the type of your camera. I bought the Olympus Flash FL-50 a couple years ago, and I quickly saw a tremendous improvement in my photographs. There was only one reason for this: off-camera flashes grant you creative versatility.

There are many other off-camera flashes that you can use with your DSLR. However, it is best to buy the off-camera flash for your SLR model. It will probably be more expensive, but it has properties that some generic off-camera flashes do not have. And if you aim to take better pictures, using a flash with an Olympus camera is the best approach.

What properties should you ask about when buying a flash? There are a lot of models of off-camera flashes, that it is quite difficult to immediately know if what you have is what you want.

Below is a list of 4 things that you can keep in mind.

1 – Size: How big is your flash?. Usually, the larger the camera flash the brighter it is. This is extremely useful as it can reach much further. Unfortunately, this might make it expensive. If you know you will only shoot indoors, then you may not require a strong flash. But, if you want to use it in concert halls, then you probably need a very powerful flash. Tiny camera flashes do exist, and these are easier to carry than the bigger flashes, as they are easy to fit inside your pocket.

2 – Speed: What is the smallest shutter rate your flash will work at? Your complete image sensor must be exposed when the flash lights up. If the frame shutter speed is too fast, and your flash does not synchronize to it, then this does not occur, and the photograph can not expose correctly. This is partly a feature of the SLR as well, so please make sure to sync both of these features!

3 – Flexibility: What kinds of options do you want? I generally prefer the ability to adjust everything manually, since this allows me added control, and also because I enjoy it. Make sure that you know whether the camera flash is just entirely automated, or comes with a manual configuration.

4 – Auto-focus: Does your flash come with infra-red? In extremely low light scenarios, your SLR might have problems auto-focusing. Several SLRs come with in built capabilities, in the form of infra-red. Other cameras don’t, and it’s worth looking to see if the flash you want to buy has this functionality. My Olympus Flash has this, and is a useful since my SLR doesn’t.

If you keep these in mind, then the first Olympus Flash you use will be productive. And once you have extra experience with camera flashes, you can always upgrade.

Mark Chams is an avid photographer, and enjoys using his olympus flash to create better pictures.

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