8 Golden Rules for Capturing the Best Street Fashion Photography

by auddess

It does not matter how experienced you are, as a street photographer, shooting several street fashion brands in just a couple of hours or at the most, half the day can be taxing. While shooting for street fashion photography, a photographer tries to maximize the efficiency of the entire process. Acting hastily might get the task done, but with no creativity, the task remains in vain. Moreover, each photographer carries his/her own style of executing street fashion photography while taking on situational demands. For all these and more, even a professional street fashion photographer needs effective tips and techniques to yield favorable and stunning images.

Whether you are just starting out have managed to create a name for yourself in street fashion photography, it is possible to run out of concepts and ideas. Also, it’s never too late to learn a couple of tricks and be an edge above other photographers. From photo shooting to lighting, editing to blogging about photography, it is good to stop and take lessons at street fashion photography and ideas from other experts.

Skug Photography is one of such agencies that comprehends your anticipation and understand that you are probably carrying tons of questions on your mind. Hence, this article will act as a handy tool to offer some of the best suggestions. If you really adore street fashion photography then, you ought to practice best sharing and take a few tips from interesting street photos taken by your counterparts.

One should have an eye for good style and angles in street fashion photography. It is something that is inherent and should come naturally. While you can learn the basics of photography from research and loads of practice, innate creativity is a gift one is born with – it cannot be cultivated.

Skug Photography experts have put together 8 rules to help you achieve the best street fashion photography results. You can thank us later when your street fashion photography is appreciated by clients and becomes legendary!


While all professionals use Photoshop, giving your images, a quick finesse is not so difficult and can go a long way. There are people who use Instagram filters, but for a more distinct, polished and captivating finish, use professional tools.


The background in a street fashion photography session is both essential and not, at the same time. What’s great about this style of photography is that the entire world is your stage. You can take pictures just about anywhere with minimal set-up and equipment. Be it a road, a waterway, a sidewalk or a park, if you notice anyone draped in a fashionable, trendy outfit, you can click away. However, you can pump up the game by putting a bit of extra effort, choosing backgrounds and depth of field that complements your street fashion photography session. Keep the foreground minimal and less busy and use various lines and unusual angles to help with the visual pop.


Controlling the lighting, similar to the background, is another occurrence where some additional prep time can have a major effect. Pick an area with warm common lighting that creates highlights and shadows without concealing facial components.

In street fashion photography, the sunlight direction has an immense impact. It is awesome to watch out for how amazingly it continues changing throughout the duration of the day, to such an extent that the impacts make each picture extraordinary. Right from the backdrop illumination to dappled light, an expert street fashion photographer must ask the subject to remain in the perfect place and position to accomplish shifted impacts. While it may feel unbalanced educating the subject on numerous occasions, it is a trick to get the best results. It is valuable know-how that dawn and nightfall are normally viewed as the golden hours to shoot.

The Border debate!

In Street fashion photography, there is something experts will never seem to consent with — whether the border or the square function are tastefully pleasing or not. Cutting a photograph into a box-shaped or including some perfect borders absolutely adds flavor to a picture and can even make it reminiscent of an old Polaroid. However, truly stating, we’ve all seen those occasions where a thick dark fringe loses its “wow” component. The fundamental thought here is to go simply with your gut. As it would turn out – the thing that street fashion photography is about – attempting new things and never getting excessively attached thus, making it impossible to stick to one strategy or style!


Individual inclinations are characteristic, yet contrasts exist. Street fashion photography is absolute best with a shallow depth of field that permits the background to obscure marginally, allowing the picture to pop out and assume the focal viewpoint. We suggest using a 50mm or 85mm prime lens with a wide or low aperture of F2.8. With this function, excess light enters and helps you in accomplishing the desired impact.


Suppose it is possible that you are enlivened by your good role model street fashion photographer, soaking up has no opportunity to achievement. In case you wish to showcase your work at an exhibition, the stage is set for you to draw out your exceptional style to the fore. In particular, when a pattern is singled out, varieties in capturing a few individuals, yet on the same subject, gives it selectiveness. All things considered, that is precisely the reason for shooting at a typical point. To get an extraordinary style fashion photography report, photographers must explore their imaginative ability to the most extreme.


While dealing with street fashion photography, it is crucial to scan for compositions, embellishments, prints or even adornments as needed. These are situations that demand a close-up shot or definite shot to wide-angle shot to sum up the patterns, or to highlight full length. This makes it key that a cross section of the look is highlighted as patterns are best highlighted in that style. Likewise, viewers concentrate all the more on how the shape, color or surface of the apparel is highlighted, without getting occupied by the subject. Street fashion photography demands this precision and hence, your focus should be on highlighting “street fashion” and not the “subject.”


In case you are attempting your hand in street fashion photography, doubtlessly, the background you pick should be helpful to your needs. At the end of the day, any background that conflicts diverts or surpasses the pictures will be a strict no-no. To accomplish the task, paying special heed to location settings would improve the shot. Some regular things to evade are billboards, advertisement hoardings, canisters or street signs. So it stands clear; being mindful of the environment is an element that street fashion photographers must possess.


It is shocking; however, countless people consider street fashion photography as simply capturing images of the fashion trends on the streets. They think of it as merely clicking pictures of energetic and spiritless subjects, in diverse styles. In fact, street fashion photography is about individual inclinations and character, to a great degree.

Lastly, in Street fashion photography, when you have settled in the style, location, light, and natural angles, concentrating on your subject’s comfort and reaction during the slight variations in position is of foremost significance. It is likely that the sack or perhaps the shoe or even the article of clothing’s cut can say a lot that would have otherwise been unnoticeable without the photographer sparing a thought for such crucial components. It is imperative that the photographer ought to catch the right moves at the accurate time, and this is what is called as impeccable photography dance.

The article mentions 8 factors to deliver an impactful Street fashion photography. The experts of Skug Photography offer these tips and ideas to help budding talents make a mark in the genre of photography.

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