A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Cameras

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by mynameisharsha

Some elements of digital camera technologies can be confusing for the newbie. We’ve tried to clearly clarify some of the terms utilized to support you understand the technology greater and to assist to finish the confusion. We also hope this guide will assist you to decide on your next digital camera. Terms like pixel, white balance, and zoom are explained beneath and we also look at the a variety of varieties of storage media utilized in digital cameras.


Pixels are the tiny, square components that make up digital pictures. The term comes from ‘picture elements’ and millions of pixels in digital images make up the continuous, smooth image that you see. Cameras are categorised by pixel count. A higher number will give a far better top quality, smoother image and the bigger the image size can be with no loss of good quality. Digital cameras have a pixel count between a single and fourteen million, designated as 1 MP (one million pixels) to 14 Mp. Well-liked cameras normally have a pixel count of in between two Mp and 5 Mp.

A 3 Mp camera will make outstanding prints at four” x 6″ and reasonably excellent 5×7″ prints. If you need to make 8×10″ prints choose a 4 or five Mp camera. If you need to make larger prints than this you will need to have to purchase a much more pricey camera with a higher pixel count. Some cameras could quote each total and successful pixels. The 1 to take not of is the effective pixel count as this is the number truly utilised in the image.

White Balance

Under various lighting circumstances white can seem as blue or yellow. This wants to be adjusted to appear white in the finished image. White balance is typically automatic but there are usually manual settings if you choose to set it yourself. Settings can be adjusted based on the light supply which may be electronic flash, sunlight, shade, tungsten lights or fluorescent lighting. Some cameras also enable you to set the white balance by pointing the lens at a piece of white card.


Sensitivity settings are the digital camera equivalent to ISO settings in film cameras. On most modern digital cameras settings among ISO equivalents of one hundred and 200 are standard. Some could have settings of 400 and greater end SLR cameras up to 6400. Most digital cameras automatically pick a appropriate setting

Digital and Optical Zooms

In general digital cameras have both digital and optical zoom. Digital zoom operates in the same way as a plan to edit pictures and benefits in loss of picture quality as the image is enlarged. Optical zoom performs by changing the focal length and the magnification in the identical way as a zoom on a film camera and gives superior picture quality. It is often greater to use optical rather than digital zoom.

Memory Cards

There are numerous various types and sizes of memory cards and it can be extremely confusing. They are not compatible with every single other do it is essential to purchase the right memory card for your camera. Some of the common sorts are listed below.

SD – safe digital. Modest cards only 2mm thick and 24 x 32mm

CF – compact flash. Larger than the other cards these have been the 1st cards introduced. They are the cheapest cards at the moment and are 42mm x 35mm and 3mm thick with capacities of up to 2 Gb.

Memory Sticks – Sony is the only manufacturer using memory sticks

Multimedia – the exact same size as SD cards but with fewer attributes.

Intelligent Media – Thinner that CF cards with no memory controller.

XD – utilized in Fuji, Toshiba, and Olympus cameras. 20 x 25mm and just 1.7mm thick and smaller sized than SD cards.

Performance is quite equivalent for all these cards. Most DSLR cameras use CF cards which are the least expensive and have larger capacities accessible than the other cards. There is no genuine want to choose 1 variety more than yet another except if you have more than one device that can share cards.

Connecting to your computer

You can either connect your camera straight to your computer with a suitable lead or take away the card and spot in a card reader. Almost all contemporary cameras use USB transfer and some newer models have firewire connectors. Card readers are cheap at between $ 15 and $ 50 and multi card readers can be utilised with a lot of various cards.

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