Aerial photography services in Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Hobart.

by agroffman

Brett Price, a leader in aerial photography and aerial videography, established in 2010, is a recognized service provider in the aerial photography and videography business in Australia. Its team of professional aerial photographers and videographers, and some of the best equipment available make it very easy for them to sell their service.

Also, Brett Price is a member of the Australia’s leading membership body for the photography community, Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), which talks about the skills of the company.

Brett Price Photography began as an independent business two years’ ago. He has been taking photos for over 20 years, His work as an aerial photographer has taken him to all corners of Australia, allowing him to clock up many thousands of kilometers in travel and thousands of hours in the air.
Brett spends time speaking to the traffic control in the relevant tower prior to each shoot, making sure that they have a window for him to conduct aerial photography in their airspace. The tower will often give a time slot to work in, which ensures that there is no hold up when airborne.

In fact, Brett Price, a Melbourne Australia based company, uses Canon EOS cameras providing the highest resolution. The company operates in every major city including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Hobart.

Being a quality results oriented company, they have established themselves as extremely professional aerial photographers and videographers making them a step above the rest. This aerial photography company uses helicopters and aircrafts, depending on the client’s requirement, to give you clean, quiet, accurate shots with the least amount of disturbance possible.

Aerial Photography Services such as Brett Price are great for ground based, ships & ports, water, and City Photography to name a few. If you have a plan to hire an aerial photography service in Australia wide, but not limited to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Hobart, please contact us via email: brett@brettprice.com.au or phone: +61403 734 402 – Their goal is to provide you with the best product at a great price.

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