Appreciate How To Shoot Great Landscapes With A Nikon DSLR And Wide Angle Lens, Study D3

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by benjamin-nagel

Nikon has a digital single lens reflex camera range of about ten or more models. They all have their strengths. They all allow users to deliver masterpiece images. For those seeking to concentrate on learning how to shoot great landscapes with a Nikon DSLR and wide angle lens, a good place to start is the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D700.

Both these models are FX format cameras providing an imaging area the same as for 35mm film. Users wanting a DX format camera might consider the cheaper Nikon, the Nikon flagship in its DX-format D-SLR range.

The D700 was released after, and is usually priced lower than, the D3. It is a serious piece of machinery. Smart, small and light, some reviewers rate the D700 equal to or better than the D3 model in terms of image sharpness, even at high ISOs. It could a better match for non-pros that mainly shoot vacation snaps, family portraits, weddings, nature scenes including landscapes.

Also, it has a very useful INFO button located at the right-hand side of the rear panel just below the AF Area Mode Selector. Pressing INFO causes the rear LCD to display an exhaustive listing of the settings that are driving the camera at that time.

For landscapes, it can be beneficial to match any of these great cameras with an ultra-wide lens. They are not so much used for placing a broader scene into a image as they are for placing the viewer deeper into that image. They bring a viewer, not a scene, into the photo.

Nikon make great DSLRs). There are plenty of models to choose from. Each has its bull points. Enthusiasts looking to understand how to shoot great landscapes with a Nikon DSLR and wide angle lens, can do worse than to start by exploring these excellent Nikons combined with a Nikkor extra-wide lens.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of having a fabulous Nikon 14-24mm lens when you have the complete and comprehensive information and details you need. The Nikon D700 review will help you to make a knowledgeable decision about your next camera.

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