Basic Tips for Successful Professional Event Photography

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by Voxphoto

Below tips and tricks should prove helpful both newbies and professionals:

1. Conduct Research Beforehand

As far as possible, try visiting the event venue prior to the event day so as to learn more about the lay of the land and get a sense of the lighting and the available space you will get. It will help you avoid unwanted surprises on the D-day, and make your corporate event photography a smooth sail.

2. Gear up

Use light and easy to move equipment with the fastest lens possible. DSLR camera is often the best option for Event Photography since it helps you click in the Aperture and Manual modes. Additionally, Also pay attention to the lighting requirements. In case on your previous location visit you’ve noticed that the lights mightn’t be enough and if you have to use flash, pack light modifiers like the Garry Fong puffer or a bounce. Also another good practice is to have a notebook and pen so as to note down any important instructions and names you might get before the start of the event.

3. Capture Candid Pics

For any event, private or corporate, a nice idea is to shoot fun and natural photos additional to the posed ones. This is because these photos generally get noticed more and evoke greater interest from the organizer. However, it is important in Corporate Event Photography to click guests’ best expressions and definitely not those that show them with unflattering faces or with closed eyes.

4. Don’t Intrude Too Much

Of course you try to shoot every single moment in case of a special event photography as you don’t know when you might miss a great opportunity, however, it is essential to not become too intrusive. Try to move like water and don’t make everyone too overwhelmed by constantly flashing camera in their faces.

5. Act Professional

In case of Special Event Photography it’s possible to get distracted by the event. For eg, if the party is way too much fun and you want to be a part of it as well, don’t get unprofessional and forget your camera. Remain efficient, professional and stay focused on your work.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you will generate a strong base and turn a successful professional event photographer in very less time.

While Professional Event Photography might not be quite exciting to you, however, when it comes to paying the bills a professional event photography assignment could prove to be as essential as any other. And so, so as to keep getting these gigs, it’s essential to succeed as professional Event Photographer.

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