Beginners Photography-How To Use Your SLR Camera-Review

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Starting in Beginners Photography is a fun process. Many beginning in this profession have many questions. If you are wondering how to get started in photography then check out this amazing DVD collection called “Ultimate SLR Camera Course”. It will take you step by step through all of the skills that you need to get started in the photography profession. The Camera Photography Course-SLR Digital Camera covers this and much more.

Learn photography from the comfort of your own home,in your own time with this unique 6 DVD course.Practice with your camera as you watch the dvd,s, then get out there and take professional photos because yours skills will be honed in to your brain by DVD learning. one covers the 7 most important settings on your SLR.The information covered is immense taught to you by an accredited photographer.This DVD will give you the know how to take your SLR off the auto settings to be able to take stunning photos and work with digital photography to a high level.

The fist DVD covers digital photography camera settings. While this sounds like it isn’t much, the information covered in this one DVD and the knowledge that you will gain from watching this DVD is exactly what you need to know in order to take fantastic photographs

2nd dvd takes into the world of landscape photography.David the presenter takes you in to the bush and shows you how to set up your shoot using a tripod, wide angle lens,and shows you the correct ISO 100, F-stop F 22 depth of field settings to use and lots more.

Also on this third DVD they give you all the travel photography tips you need to make your photos your most precious memories and not just snap shots like all the tourists take–You will see Sydney harbor bridge at night and how to take that perfect night shot

The forth DVD is about fine art and studio photography. You will learn how to get fine art images that can get you thousands of dollars each. Studio photography is a fascinating subject which this DVD covers thoroughly.

DVD 5 teaches you Black & white portraits which are by far the best portraits in the world, why? Because they are timeless due to the fact that they don’t have color in them which can date a photo very quickly. When David shoots people in a black & white shot he gets them to wear black tee shirts. He does this so that the image will not date. You wouldn’t have any idea if he had shot this yesterday or ten years ago.

The sixth and final DVD covers fashion photography. While most photographers may not have a desire to go into this specific field of photography, it is really beneficial to learn just in case you ever need it. Knowing about fashion photography is such a fun area of photography. You will enjoy learning about techniques, make-up and hair, what equipment is used for the shoot and far more. It is truly the perfect closure to this wonderful DVD photography course.

This complete set covers everything that you need to get started in photography. It is well worth the buy and a true pleasure to watch and learn about the wonderful profession of photography.

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