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by T.H. Images

Well, it finally occurred: the dreaded lens error on my SD1100is. I was about prepared to automatically add the SD1200is to my Amazon cart until I hesitated for a second and decided to make a trip to Best Buy to play about with some of the other new cameras.

I had read critiques on the Canon sd780is and was truly eager to determine it in individual. On the shelf, it automatically caught my eye with its sleek, black styling, and I was wondering if perhaps it could be an even much better companion than my trusty SD1100is was.

Truth of the matter is that 12.1 megapixels isn’t going to be considerably extra apparent than 10.0 MP (what the SD1200is has,) but to be honest, I just flat-out fell in enjoy with the styling of the Canon sd780is. As someone who aspects in a product’s design and aesthetics just about as significantly as its functioning, this was a clear-cut and quick choice, but the SD780is is not just about looks — it delivers astonishing pictures as well! I’m not a person who likes to fuss around with settings and menus (like on DSLR cameras,) but I still want good pictures!

The simplicity of this camera is even more impressive than SD1100is, along with the pictures are even sharper and much more vibrant thanks to the DiG!C four image processor. The “Smart AUTO” function definitely is just “Point and Shoot” too! Where there were specific settings to mess around with on my SD1100is

This camera makes perfect sense, definitely. It’s uncomplicated to carry with you, incredibly simple to make use of, so the chances of capturing that “picture ideal moment” have increased considerably more than other cameras.

The only thing that I’m disappointed with seeing is “Made in China” on the bottom of the camera’s casing. I’ve continually valued Canon goods because the corporation has always produced it a point to manufacture in state-of-the-art facilities.

I don’t know just how much a factor this is due to the fact plenty of people today seem to have Canon sd780is that were made in Japan, but be aware that at the least some are produced in China.

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