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by Gurjeet singh sehra

Better Photography Magazine is one of the most prestigious photography magazines in South Asia. It is also the first dedicated magazine to the art of photography in India. It features various articles with professional tips and techniques to help readers tweak their skills. It not only targets professional photographers but also hobbyists, amateurs, young kids with digital cameras, etc. The magazine also conducts the most prestigious photography contests helping readers develop their photography skills.

The August issue of Better Photography focuses on bird photography. It is one of the most difficult and tricky processes to shoot birds as it requires tremendous amounts of patience and skill. Get 15 easy tips to capture fabulous pictures. These tips are for amateurs who are getting started on bird photography as a passion. Incorporating these tips will definitely help you click amazing pictures which will serve as a great boost of confidence for your future endeavors.

Also covered in the August issue of Better Photography is an extensive feature on wildlife photography. Learn the ethical do’s and dont’s of photography in the wild. It is not only featured for your own safety but also to preserve nature as it is meant to be. Also learn to incorporate wildlife pictures with different techniques, visions, emotions and soul to create the perfect art. It is astounding at what one can create with a little bit of imagination and heart. Also get first-hand information on Ganesh Shankar’s lyrical view of nature and the animal world. Get in to the head of the master to bring out the beauty of nature and the animal kingdom.

Get an exclusive glimpse into the testing of new cameras in the market. You’ll have an unbiased review of the Sony Alpha 77II, Sigma DP3 Merrill and Nisin i40; the pros and cons of each of these models detailed to decide which one works best for you. Each of these have their unique strong features which are sure to interest people who enjoy different kinds of photography.

The August issue of Better Photography has an intense discussion on a disputed and disturbing photograph from the Indian Mutiny. The picture portrays two men being hung to death – shot in 1958 by an Anglo-Indian photographer. The documentation along with the picture gives out wrong and mismatched information which peaks the interest of readers. Pick your copy of Better Photography magazine from a digital newsstand to do your own analyses. What’s more: participate in 2 photography contests in the magazine and you could win prizes over INR 1,00,000!
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