Boudoir Photography as a Genre of Photography

by Maria Kappatou

Photography has emerged as more an art and a strong medium of publicity from mere means of capturing memories. It has branched out to different types and one such type of photography is glamour photography or boudoir photography. Though there is a fine line of difference between these two concepts of photography, both can be used for commercial purposes and for promotional purposes as well. This type of photography though is confined to a separate industry all together and excerpts of Professional Glamour Photography are more common on calendars, magazines, pin ups etc. Whereas the boudoir photography is a style of photography which though not a recent concept as well, is used in the contemporary times for commercial as well for personal purposes as well.

Concept behind this photography

Both these types of photography mostly have women as their subjects. The concept of such photography has to be sensuous and attractive. Thus the photographer has to choose and select everything accordingly. The models posing for the photographer can either be fully clothed or semi nude as this art of photography is very suggestive in nature and stops short of being explicit. Thus the look of the model, the expression that she would be wearing, and the surroundings everything has to go at par with the concept. Moreover the locations used for the Professional Glamour Photography is not quite fixed. It is completely dependent on the photographer as to whether he would like to shoot it inside a studio or out in the open so that the subject blends with the nature.

Different from glamour photography

The concept of the Boudoir photography though differs a bit from that of the glamour photography in the sense that boudoir photography is mostly done within the studio or a luxurious hotel suite. That means boudoir photography is mainly indoor photography. The word boudoir refers to a woman’s private room and thus today’s Professional Boudoir Photography is done within a room or a lavishly designed set. In this kind of photography the subject generally poses in a sensuous or suggestive way and the photographer uses sensuous make up, clothes and props and also plays with the lights and the surroundings to bring the effect.

The boudoir photography is common for advertising purposes of lingerie and also is now taken for personal purposes as well. Whether it be glamour photography or Boudoir photography in both the cases the photographer has to conceptualize the entire thing. As the trend is going as par the recent times the glamour photography doesn’t always require to have a proper meaning to it as well. The background can be used vaguely also so that it only compliments the model and has no meaning of its own. The Professional Intimate Photography is also a part of the boudoir as well as glamour photography which has a couple as the subject that can be both romantic and sensually suggestive. These can be in the forms of portraits and can also be used for commercial purpose that is for advertising of selective products and for personal purposes as well.

Professional Boudoir Photography is a form of photography that has mainly women as the subject and is intended for a more sensuous or romantic themes. This kind of photography is somewhat likeProfessional Glamour Photography and but is only confined indoors that is either within a studio or a luxurious hotel suite.

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