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by jaredpolin

Selfie sticks are as much famous for their use as much taking selfies. Apparently selfie is the new way of taking pictures. If you’re a traveler and like to travel alone to different places, then try selfie sticks. Now you don’t have to ask others to take your photographs. Use selfie sticks to snap pictures from an extended range that your arms couldn’t reach.

What is Selfie Sticks
Selfie stick is an extendable monopod used to take photographs from distance. At one end of the stick camera or mobile phone is placed on holder and on the other side shutter button is used to take pictures. A good quality selfie stick could extend up to 53 inches.
If you wonder “where to buy selfie sticks or where to find a selfie stick” and want variety in different brands and designs of selfie sticks, then try online shopping. Different types of selfie sticks are available online at affordable prices. You can buy selfie sticks online with different accessories to choose accordingly like Bluetooth connectivity, wireless remote control.

Features of Selfie Sticks
Selfie sticks are compatible with all versions of camera and smartphones. Don’t worry if you own a DSLR camera and thinking about its size. Holder on selfie monopod is designed to fit on any size of camera and mobile phone.

Different Mobile Covers are available in the market that you can purchase for selfie stick like wireless remote. You can go for monopod that have built in button to take pictures, or can try Bluetooth compatible sticks or can use timer shutters.
It is very lightweight and portable in size, and you can carry it in your bag for trips. No need to ask other person for favors and start taking selfie with selfie stick yourself.


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