Camera+ App Vs. Standard IPhone Camera

by Skrewtape

If there’s one thing that has constantly annoyed me about the iPhone, it’s the pretty lame camera app that comes installed on it. There’s so many features it should and could have worked into it that it just doesn’t have. Until recently, I had all but given up on using the iPhone as a camera for anything other than a last resort in a pinch. Now that I broke the bank open and shelled out the .99 cents it cost to buy the Camera+ app, that’s all changed.

Camera+ comes with an array of features that are easy to use “right out of the box”. I was able to start making use of its many features within seconds of clicking it open on my iPhone. First off, the screen has a very handy set of grid lines which help line up your shot, putting an end to the crooked photos I often ended up with before due to the awkward nature of holding the iPhone to take a picture with it. Camera+ also has a stabilizer built into the app, helping to really improve the sharpness of the images, which for someone like me who has shaky hands to begin with helps out a ton.

The zoom function on Camera+ (6x) is also markedly better than the newly added zoom function on the iPhone’s built in camera (5x) app. From what I could tell, Camera+’s zoom function seemed to maintain image clarity, without leaving behind too many digital artifacts in the image. The images take with the iPhone’s zoom function were of poor quality on the highest zoom settings, whereas the pics take with Camera+’s zoom function where crystal clear.

Another feature that comes in Camera+ is the Touch Exposure & Focus controls. By simply touching the screen with a second finger while focusing, you are able to control the exposure of the shot, given you so much more control over how your image will turn out. In my opinion, feature such as these allow you to take professional quality pictures. Using the iPhone’s standard camera app, you really needed to get lucky and have the perfect conditions around you, be standing in the perfect spot, and be skilled at holding your hand super still while the slow as molasses app processed the crappy picture it just took for you. With Camera+ you also get an on board effects suite, and basic editing tools, so even if you weren’t blessed with the perfect conditions to take your picture, you can go back and edit it until it looks great.

Lastly, one of the things that really stood out to me while taking some test pictures on a walk with my dog this afternoon, is just how quickly Camera+ allowed me to take back to back shots. As just mentioned above, the iPhone’s standard camera app takes forever and a day to process and save the images you took, where as Camera+ allowed me to shoot pics as fast as I could tap on the shoot button. Most of the pictures I end up taking are shots of wildlife in nature, so having the ability to shoot many shots in a row can make all the difference in catching that bird mid flight, or a deer as it leaps away into the woods.

Camera+ has really turned my iPhone into a serious camera option for me now. Before I would always be toting an extra camera along with me on all my hikes, because half the reason I am out there is to capture some of what I experience on film and share it with all my friends and family. Now, Camera+ has restored my faith in the iPhone’s ability to act as my main camera for many situations where I would just not have considered it before. Now just imagine after I’ve actually used Camera+ for a few weeks and get under the hood. I’ve only been using it for a single afternoon and I’m thrilled to the gills with it. Gimme a week or two and I’ll report back with feelings on it then, and a more in depth review of its features and how to use them. But for now, I have to say, the .99 cents I spent on Camera+ were the best .99 cents I have spent in a long time!

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