Canon EOS 760D, 700D and 750D Model DSLRs for Beginner Photographers

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The new age digital photography has transformed the way exposures taken. Lots of specialized digital cameras are available in the market with each having some or other distinguished features. Canon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of imaging and optical products. It has created a significant brand with the range of its sharp shooting cameras, accessories and other imaging products. Due to these distinctive cameras, the manufacturer has earned the admiration of photography experts and enthusiasts.

There are few models that have been a rage among the photographers as well as general public too. These models can be found at online electronics stores and brought in exciting prices only after checking out some of them. Some of the models are:

EOS 760D: The Canon EOS 760D is a premium DSLR camera that is filled with brilliant features. This newly launched camera is a perfect gadget for photographers that seek creative pictures to achieve the newer heights of photography. With Electro-Optical System (EOS), Canon had begun this series few decades back to deliver the fastest Autofocus SLR cameras. It has a 24.2 Mega Pixels CMOS with sensor to capture qualitative and finest pictures. The fast performing Digic 6 processor and 19-point autofocus functions, photographers can take exposures with accurate details even in motion. The Canon EOS 760D is a perfect gadget for beginners.

EOS 700D: With an 18 MP sensor, the Canon EOS 700D enables new photographers to show their creativity in a better way. It consists of a power Digic processor that helps in faster image processing. The camera also allows shooting movies with Full-HD 1080p without losing the focus. Beginner photographers can choose the best settings and set the frames with this high speed shooting camera. Low light pictures can be taken smoothly and the gadget is extremely helpful while taking shots during difficult conditions. The Canon EOS 700D provides an amazing experience to work for various kinds of projects.

EOS 750D: This model is another marvellous device from Canon that has a 24.2 MP sensor for taking grand quality pictures. The new Canon EOS 750D has also the Digic processor and 19-point Autofocus feature for capture shots with incredible details. The hybrid AF III CMOS allows taking shots and record movies with a consistently smooth approach during the live view mode. Enhanced features like viewfinder provide extreme details while shooting the pictures. Other features like Vari-angle LCD, Wi-Fi/NFC for share and movable screen are truly supportive for lifelike pictures.

Canon Accessories

Photographers need different types of lenses for various projects, whether it is documentary, action-filled sports, beautiful landscapes, fashion stuff or any other. The Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 lens is helpful in capturing great exposures with its 46 degree standard angle of view. It is a compact lens that is lighter in weight and comes at an affordable price. This electronic lens mount has a super spectra coating which prevents ghosting and flares in images. It has all impressive features that belie its price.

Ross Metts is a technology expert and writes reviews about the latest gadgets and technologies. He found the Canon EOS 760D has some unique features than other Galaxy models. He suggests consumers can also Canon EOS 700D for its compact design and brilliant features.
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