Canon EOS Prices : Uncover What Digital Camera Is Not Worth Its Price Tag

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by Images George Rex

Ok, You are in the market for a brand new camera, you might be taking a look at Canon EOS prices…

Swell, You have just by doing that taken one move to the correct direction…I am a very serious Canon person, and I think Canon’s range of EOS digital cameras are better than Nikon’s or others.

Nevertheless, You know that, so let’s chat Canon EOS prices.

There are some points that you should be cautious about.

How hold on, I’m not saying that Canon’s looking to jip anyone out of your funds, nevertheless there are some EOSs which merely are not worth their cost.

I would want to consult you concerning One of those today.

The model I am referring to will be the 1Ds Mark 3.

Now, I understand this is a more expensive digital camera (This costs close to $ 6k), and so it is most likely not a camera you’d be looking for regardless…

Nevertheless the exact criteria apply to all digital cameras, and you’ll utilize these kinds of criteria while looking at different Canon EOS prices.

I would prefer to review a few requirements that this Canon 1Ds Mark 3 won’t satisfy, and also the reason why it is not really worth its price tag when compared to some other EOS price tags.

Very first above all, it was made obsolete by way of a new product (Canon EOS 1D Mark IV). Now, usually this is not a problem, as the new model can push the older model lower in cost…

Nevertheless in cases like this, you’ll find only adequate special capabilities on the Mark 3 that it’s kept a huge price tag, and the truth is it’s MORE expensive compared to the new dSLR.

Why is that? For one it has a full-frame sensor. For 2 it has a higher Mp level.

Now This brings us right to our next issue…It would be seen that this should help make the Mark III a better digital camera, however , if you read up a little bit on it, you are going to note that, although the Mark 3 is a superb camera, the photo quality simply can’t compare with the Mark IV.

Therefore our second point is that at a lower price, you get better picture quality.

Truly, the only purpose for which you would need the Mark III is for if anyone HAD TO HAVE a full size sensor or maybe the added Megapixel (Except if you are making massive full-size paper prints, this isn’t you).

The 3rd factor to bear in mind while looking at Canon EOS prices, and also the last point which puts the 1Ds Mark III back, is when it had been released it had lots of problems. It had been under-developed when Canon released it.

Canon has taken measures to enhance newer digital cameras, and also there were changes to help handle the problems, however when you see a dSLR similar to this, you have to be cautious. In the event you in some way happen to receive an earlier produced model, then you’re in for some trouble!

And so, There you have it. 3 requirements to note while looking at Canon EOS prices. I’ve ascribed these reasons on the Mark III to assist you to identify these things in various other cameras.

At this point, I know I simply talked about a single style of digital camera, thus if you want some more information, here’s exactly what I recommend:

To get more stuff on Canon EOS prices, I suggest you look at www.CanonCameraEOS.com. You will discover a whole lot of free stuff, in addition to in-depth reviews.

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