Canon L Lenses – What Amount Of Money Are Canon L Lenses?

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by Zanmanken

For consumers who have selected a Canon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) for their picture taking needs, they will no doubt be faced with the ultimate option between the normal DSLR lens Canon L lenses. Whether the consumer is trying to buy professional level equipment or just seeking to branch out in his or her amateur photography abilities, he will need to familiarise himself with the ins and outs of applicable Canon lenses to make the best selection. The cost of a great lens will prove to be an investment and not just a mere expense. Thus, a fundamental understanding of the lenses Canon provides is important in order to figure out the cost based on particular requirements.

Probably the most attractive features of the Canon DSLR lens is the electro-optical system, or perhaps EOS, which enables the much desired auto focus capability. When looking at EOS lenses, observe the switch at the base of the lens where it connects to the Canon body. It would be tagged MF and AF, allowing the photographer to choose between manually focusing and letting the lens do the work for him with the auto focus function that EOS lenses give.

There are numerous other digital camera brands on the market that don’t offer the auto focus feature, for example the Zeiss lens. In user comparisons of the Canon L collection lens vs the Zeiss lens, the automatic function capability with the Canon L series lens won out with many customers. Though Zeiss lenses proved to give extremely sharp photos, those that compared the lenses confessed that the manual focus function was hard to overcome initially and so would be extremely troublesome for an amateur photographer to perfect.

The regular lens for the EOS Canons is the EF lens and there are lots of various kinds of EF lenses. They are the regular zoom lens, the telephoto zoom, the ultra-wide zoom, broad angle, super telephoto, the macro lens, tilt-shift and the EF-M lens. Within each one of these categories of lens there are also the newest and high-end professional lenses, the Canon L series lenses. All these provides a different and specific photo taking ability. For example, where the wide angle lens increases the depth of the field of focus, the macro lens can make the eyes of an ant seem as large and in-focus as those of a human.

Definitely the best of these is the Canon L series lens. For instance, among the super telephoto lenses is the EF 800mm f/5.6L series lens. It is the longest distance lens Canon offers and the use of fluorite to reduce visual anomalies guarantees precision colour and the most distinct image possible. Of course the photographic perfection provided by such a lens doesn’t come cheap by any means. This unique Canon L series lens sells at an anticipated retail price of $ 13,999.00 and fits the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera body. Do not let this run you off though. If the consumer possesses a Canon EOS Rebel t3i, the perfect L series lens for this particular camera body is actually the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Lens, and it is definitely more affordable! It sports the fluorite UD lens and image stabilizer and can be bought for around $ 1,295.00…a good $ 12,000 dollars less than the EF 800mm. With the regularly fluctuating state of the United States economy such as it is, these prices might seem extremely exorbitant to the customer, although not to worry!

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