Canon PowerShot A430 Digital Camera – Inexpensive and Excellent

by rhodes

The canon Powershot A430 camera is a well built digital camera of the company in the market of films and digital cameras. The 4.0 megapixel camera of the Canon A430 redefines the entry level models of Canon. This model has replaced the earlier A410 model with an enlarged LCD of 1.8 inches, increased optical zoom of 4x, and added sound to the movie mode. At an affordable price, this model of camera from Canon has brought quality available to you. Those of you who want to bring home great pictures while traveling light on the budget, the A430 is a great option.

The focal length of the camera’s 4 times optical zoom lens is equivalent to 39-156 mm in format of 35mm. The lens’ maximum aperture is f/2.8(wide) to f/5.8(tele). Also available is a feature of 3.6x digital zoom. The camera has a 1.8 inches LCD monitor which is made of around 77000 pixels. The screen’s brightness is adjustable and the built in flash’s range is 3m which becomes around 2m while using the zoom lens. The flash capability of this camera can be boosted by using the Canon’s High Power Flash (HF-DC1). The available flash modes are Manual and Auto Flash On/Off. It also has slow sync speed and the feature of red eye reduction.

You can apply many different colour affects to add to your photo something different. These include neutral, vivid, sepia, black & white, darker skin tone, lighter skin tone, colour and positive film. Other advanced features of the camera include exposure compensation, ISO speed equivalents, White and Spot balance and 3 types of metering. The camera’s shutter speed is selected automatically which has a range between 1 to 1/2000 seconds. Upto 1 GB of movies can be recorded by the camera. With the help of the software and cables provided by Canon, this camera can be connected to a television, computer or PictBridge compatible printer.

Using the Canon Powershot A430 is very easy. The camera’s back contains all the key controls, including control dial which allows the selection of the shooting mode. Other controls include menu access, flash, zoom and macro printing. The settings of control items while using the menu system like the ISO and white balance are located in the function menu. The standard menu contains items like AF assist zoom lamp and digital zoom control.

The Canon Powershot A430 is powered by two AA batteries. Rechargeable Batteries having a mAh rating of 2000 or more can be used. With the higher rating batteries, the camera can be used for longer time between the charges. Along with the camera, a SD card of 16 MB is supplied. With the camera’s default settings, 12 shots can be taken before the memory card becomes full. Therefore, a spare card has to be bought for using with the camera.

The camera has a rectangular shape of fairly standard. The colour of the camera is shiny silver with the front section being slightly darker which adds contrast to it. The overall dimension of the camera is 103.051.840.2mm and it weighs 160g. The Canon Powershot A430 is slightly too large to be slipped in a pocket.

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