Canon touts EOS Rebel T4i with improved video focusing method

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by Thomas Hawk

Silent and Continuous Autofocus in Video, The EOS Rebel T4i Lets Men and women Re-Live Magic Moments Via Stunningly Crisp Video and Incredible Stereo Sound

LAKE Good results, N.Y., June eight, 2012 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, nowadays announced a new flagship model in its most popular EOS Rebel line, the Canon EOS Rebel T4i Digital SLR Camera. The new EOS Rebel T4i functions extraordinary image top quality with an 18-megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, DIGIC 5 Image Processor that assists capture all the action with higher-speed continuous shooting of up to 5 frames per second (fps) and an extended ISO variety of 100-12800 (expandable to 25600 in H mode) that provides photographers the opportunities to take the EOS Rebel T4i into much more shooting conditions than ever ahead of.

The camera involves a revolutionary new autofocus (AF) system to support accomplish quick, sharp focus and smooth HD video. The new AF method contains a nine-point all cross-variety sensor array, and new Hybrid CMOS AF which achieves quickly focus when shooting stills or video in Reside View mode. Significantly to the pleasure of aspiring student filmmakers and parents everywhere, the Rebel T4i functions Canon’s new Movie Servo AF delivering a quiet, continuous AF throughout HD video recording when using one particular of Canon’s newly introduced Stepping Motor (STM) lenses. The silent continuous autofocus when shooting HD video aids make sure the camera only captures the sounds of the scene being recorded. When combined with the camera’s new Vari-angle Touch Screen three.-inch Clear View LCD monitor II and intuitive “fingertip” controls, touch-menu and sophisticated still and video capabilities, the EOS Rebel T4i stands as Canon’s most “consumer-friendly” DSLR to date.

“Our Rebel line of cameras bridges the gap in between the casual photographer and somebody seeking to advance their photography and capture moments in new and creative techniques. The EOS Rebel T4i boasts full HD video with AF and touch-screen navigation, inspiring even more photographers and videographers to explore the inventive options produced possible with DSLR cameras and lenses,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies &amp Communications Group, Canon U.S.A.

New AF Capabilities

A single of the most significant upgrades to the EOS Rebel T4i is a dramatically upgraded AF method like a nine-point all cross-type AF array, with a high-precision dual-cross f/two.eight point at center. The EOS Rebel T4i is the 1st Canon camera to feature the new Hybrid CMOS AF program which increases AF speed by lowering the camera’s need to “hunt” for focus. The result is quickly continuous AF when shooting images and movies in Live View. Due to the fact the camera’s cross-sort AF points have two-dimensional contrast detection, the EOS Rebel T4i provides very accurate concentrate regardless of your shot composition and ensures wonderful focus no matter exactly where the topic is situated in the frame. The addition of the dual-cross point in the center makes it possible for for significantly more rapidly and precise focusing for photographers using higher-speed f/two.eight lenses.

Using the touch panel, parents can choose their kid on the LCD screen and the camera will stay focused on that child while they keep in-frame, making sure sharp concentrate in crowds and group shots. The new AF method enables Touch Concentrate for shooting pictures and films in Reside View. To make capturing photos even easier, a Touch Shutter function can also be enabled, whereby picking a subject on the LCD screen, the camera will immediately take a photo, when focus is locked.

Continuous AF for the duration of HD Video Recording

For the very first time in a Canon EOS DSLR, the EOS Rebel T4i involves Canon’s new Film Servo AF for recording video. When employed with Canon’s new EF and EF-S STM lenses, the camera can provide smooth and quiet continuous AF while recording video. This technological breakthrough enables the new EOS Rebel T4i to achieve AF although still retaining a DSLR camera’s signature background blur and image high quality, creating beautiful videos of parties, events, summer vacations or graduations.

When shooting video with Canon’s STM lenses, AF also remains silent, assisting make sure you only capture the sound of the scene becoming recorded. The EOS Rebel T4i features a constructed-in stereo microphone, a initial for the Rebel line, that includes an attenuator function to reduce audio distortion in further loud conditions.

Canon’s Very first Touch-Screen DSLR

Another Canon first, the EOS Rebel T4i includes a ideal-in-class Vari-angle Touch Screen three.-inch Clear View LCD monitor II featuring 1.04 million dot resolution for unparalleled, clear viewing. The electro-static touch-panel screen is the most advanced that Canon has released to date with multi-touch capabilities permitting photographers to use familiar gestures such as “pinch-to-zoom” and “swiping” to scroll between photos. Camera operation has been simplified via this feature permitting for Touch Focus or Touch Shutter controls through the vari-angle touch-screen. The vari-angle touch-screen flips out to the left and rotates 180 degrees forward and 90 degrees backward, producing hard above-the-head and low-to-the-ground shots straightforward, and permitting improved views in the course of photo or video capture. That indicates the overhead shot taken in a crowd or at a graduation march just got a small easier to shoot.

Improved Imaging Functionality Attributes
The EOS Rebel T4i assists novice photographers capture wonderful pictures and video, even in low-light with a range of new and upgraded modes:

* Handheld Evening Scene
* HDR Backlight Control
* Multi-Shot Noise Reduction
* Video Snapshot
* Scene Intelligent Auto

Canon’s new shooting modes (Handheld Evening Scene, HDR Backlight Control and Multi-Shot Noise Reduction), take a number of pictures, and combine them – in camera – to aid capture a wider dynamic range, reduce the image grain or noise, and generate more vivid colors so landscapes and city scenes are as breathtaking as when observed in particular person.

Families have enjoyed coming residence from a holiday or outing with a enjoyable, short Video Snapshot highlight reel shot on their Canon camera to share the full story of their adventure. Now with the EOS Rebel T4i customers will also have the option to delete, reduce or re-order the clips prior to exporting the Snapshot album to post or share.

Canon’s Scene Intelligent Auto mode – the “green” mode on the dial – analyzes the scene being shot, taking into account faces, colors, brightness, movement and contrast, to pick proper camera settings and aid generate the greatest achievable image. This mode has been enhanced to deliver the ideal possible exposure, especially when shooting in low-light.

New STM Lenses and Accessories

To leverage the exclusive, new shooting functions of the EOS Rebel T4i, such as EOS Complete HD Film with continuous AF, Canon is introducing two new distinctive lenses, the new EF-S 18-135mm f/three.5-5.6 IS STM lens and new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens. Each new STM lenses includes Canon’s new Stepping Motor technologies, which enables the lenses to smoothly and silently concentrate, and when utilised in combination with Canon’s new EOS Rebel T4i Movie Servo AF function, obtain continuous AF although recording video. The new stepping motor technology in each lenses quietly focuses enabling the EOS Rebel T4i’s stereo microphone to only record the sounds of the scene being shot.
The versatile EF-S 18-135mm f/three.five-5.six IS STM lens gives the right mixture of size, weight, image stabilization and focal length, allowing photographers to capture wide-angle or telephoto photographs and video. This lens is a wonderful alternative for photographers who might only want to carry 1 lens with them for each wide landscapes, and close-ups. Appearing for the first time in a Canon EF lens is Dynamic IS (Film Shooting Mode only) that uses a wide image stabilization correction range to aid make sure steady video even when shooting even though walking.

The new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens offers an ultra-slim, lightweight design that aids photographers avoid overwhelming their subjects with a massive lens and to remain discreet in sensitive shooting scenarios with no compromising functionality. The “pancake-style” lens boasts an aperture of f/two.8 generating it an ideal lens for capturing portrait stills or spectacular video. The lens is below an inch thick when attached, creating it straightforward to carry and match conveniently into a purse or pocket.

The EOS Rebel T4i is also compatible with Canon’s previously introduced GP-E2 GPS Receiver that can be mounted to the camera’s accessory shoe. The GPS unit was produced to serve outside photographers it records shooting places such as latitude, longitude and altitude, as nicely as camera direction.

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