Capture The Moment, The Fast Nikon D3S Makes It Easy To Shoot Sporting Events Like A True Pro

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by Nik Morris (van Leiden)

Nikon cameras have, over the years, established themselves as precise, versatile units in robust casings with a model to suit every level of photographic enthusiast. The Nikon digital single lens reflex (DSLR) models are among the best. The fast Nikon D3S makes it easy to shoot sporting events with a confidence usually found only in professionals.

The Nikon D3 series was launched in August 2007. The D3S, specifically designed for the sports enthusiast, is part of the D3 series and a close digital cousin to the top-of-the-range model, the D3X.The D3S is typically priced at a significant discount of about 35% to the D3X making it that much affordable.

The Nikon D3 was its first digital camera with an image sensor sized at 24 mm x 36mm, the same size as 35mm film. Nikon dubbed this sized sensor its FX, meaning full-frame, format. The D3S comes with a CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semi-conductor) 12.1 megapixel image sensor. It produces rich resolution images with an dynamically optimized pixel count and size. Generally, an image sensor is an integral part of the digitization process, converting optical still images into electric signals.

The D3S has a powerful continuous shooting capability, shooting up to 9 frames per second. It can snap-freeze a split second with exact precision and clarity. To support this massive continuous shooting, there is an expanded buffer, allowing as many as 82 JPEG or up to 36 NEF 14-bit (RAW) images.

The D3S has a one button setting allowing live view with 2 shooting modes. The 2 modes are appropriate for either remote or studio shoots. The tripod mode allows maximum magnification of 27x, including exact focus confirmation, allowing images of the smallest of small subjects.

The camera has a three inch, super-density, 921,000-dot VGA LCD monitor with individual factory calibration that assures the color accuracy of the monitor. With the D3S, it really is a case of what you see (in the monitor) is what you will get in the final image.

Finally, the D3S is fitted with dual CF card slots and has overflow, backup plus copy options. It can shoot as many as 4,400 images on one battery charge.

The D3S is a powerful creation. More masterpiece than machine, it is a pleasure to use. The fast Nikon D3S makes it easy to shoot sporting events and takes the toil out of seizing the moment.

Before purchasing a digital camera, you should take the time to read the Nikon D3S review. The qualities of the Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens are well received by users.

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