Capturing The Best Images In Bad Illumination Conditions

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by Tim Dorr

New photographers will want to know right away How To Capture The Best Shots In Low Light Conditions. Photographing in the dark is a little more difficult than photographing in normal light conditions. When this is done incorrectly, the photos will be under-exposed and the prints will be useless. A good camera and experience is essential for obtaining the right result.

A good sensor is an important characteristic of a good camera for this purpose. DSLR models are usually better in this respect than point and shoot types. Some digital cameras offer great low noise filters and high sensitivity and those features are important when it comes to taking photos at night. The newer cameras also have back illuminated sensors or back-lit technology. These new features increase sensitivity, while reducing the noise.

Illumination sensitivity is also known as ISO. A high ISO setting is good for taking photos in the evening or late at night. However, the higher the ISO setting, the more noise could be included in the image.

In order to reduce noise, people can acquire a camera with noise-reduction technology. Cameras with more than eight hundred ISO are best for the purposes of less noise. Lower mega pixels will have less demand on the sensor. Noise will also be kept to a minimum.

Optical image stabilization reduces blurring on handheld cameras. It is common for blurring to occur when there are small inadvertent movements. Slower shutter speeds or long exposure is used to optimize light in conditions where the illumination is low. Since this increases the possibility of movement, OIS is a critical component, unless a tripod is used.

Turning the flash off together with a fast lens will be helpful in How To Capture The Best Shots In Low Light Conditions. DSLR models generally use an fl. 4 lens and this is optimal for this purpose. Lower numbers are better for the purposes of achieving quality images.

You can check out the new Nikon SB-700 flash unit to complement your low light photography. By using a good high speed lens like the Nikon 200mm F2G AF VRII you can also take excellent pictures in low light conditions.
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