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by rodrigo sombra

To choose a photography degree is one of the most important decisions of your life. We can guide you in turning what may seem an overwhelming task into an easy and sound choice.

First to think about and compare with potential photography degrees are your interests and talents in photography, any particular educational and academic needs you may require, and your individual financial situation. For instance, a more costly photography school may work for you if you have the means, but remember that many smaller and less costly photography schools offer a standard of education that is comparable. The tuition and costs, as well as any financial aid offered, at your top photography school are key factors to think about when choosing an photography school.

When prospective students think about the best photography degrees, they typically only consider the most famous ones. However, this overlooks many smaller photography schools with programs that are as good, if not better, than those at larger photography schools. Students at smaller photography schools usually are able to maintain closer connections with the faculty and get increased one-to-one attention from the instructors, mostly because smaller photography schools tend to have smaller class sizes. On the other hand, while some students feel more comfortable in a more intimate atmosphere at smaller schools, other students may thrive in the busy excitement at larger photography schools.

The location of your photography school is also very important. Some benefits of staying close to home include the continued inspiration and emotional support from your friends and family, shown to have a strong influence on a student’s success, especially in the competitive environment of an photography school. Furthermore, choosing an photography school closer to home means returning home over school breaks and holidays is less costly and easy. However, an photography school located farther away from where you previously lived is a valuable opportunity to broaden your horizons. If you feel you need a change following high school, you may want to consider an photography school in an environment completely different from your home. If, for instance, you grew up in a quiet, rural neighborhood, you should think about choosing an photography school in a busier, urban area.

Extracurricular activities and other non-academic aspects should also be looked into. If you enjoyed participating in athletic programs during high school, you may want to choose an photography school that offers sports and other recreational activities. And, community service programs give you a great opportunity to give back to the community, at the same time raising your attractiveness to potential employers.

Investigate the scholarships, work-study programs, and academic grants your photography school of choice may offer, and prepare to apply for them as early as you can. We recommend researching the faculty teaching the photography program and looking at their credentials. Also check out the alumni of the photography school to gain insight into the quality of the program and its staff: have there been many graduates who are now successful photographyers?

Choosing an photography school is a very personal process, so there is no simple definition of the best photography school. What determines a good photography school is ultimately what is best for the individual students.

So, follow our guide, do your own research, and take the right step forward to a promising career in photography!

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