Choosing a Digital Camera – Eight Crucial Camera Characteristics

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Picking a digital camera can be quite confusing simply because of all the camera characteristics that are obtainable. Even so, there is a logical way of producing your way by means of all of the selections.

Almost certainly the first thing to feel about is how much you want to invest. The price ranges are large and you will most likely be capable to discover 1 that fits inside your spending budget. From the most simple cameras of much less than one particular hundred dollars to the most sophisticated digital cameras that run numerous thousands of dollars, there is a camera out there for everyone.

Point and Shoot cameras are typically much less high-priced than DSLR digital cameras. Nevertheless, that is not a tough and quick rule in today’s industry. Intro DSLRs have come down in price and Points and Shoot cameras can be fairly sophisticated.

The major difference is that a DSLR camera has interchangeable lenses, although a point and shoot camera lens is portion of the camera. So the lens you purchase with a Point and Shoot camera is the lens you get. Period. So one of the most crucial things if you are purchasing a Point and Shoot camera is the top quality of the lens and that it will do what you want it to, relating to wide angle or zoom functions.

As far as other characteristics go, here are some of the standard possibilities that are provided.

Quantity of Megapixels

Numerous cameras of nowadays will offer you 10MP or a lot more. A high quantity of megapixels is a good alternative if you will be printing huge prints or undertaking a fair amount of cropping.

Optical Zoom

The greater the optical zoom number, the closer in you will be in a position to focus and shoot a topic. Optical zooms can range from 3x up to 24x.

Shutter Speed

Quick shutter speeds (high numbers) are advantageous if you are shooting quick moving objects, such as sports, birds, etc. An instance of a higher speed would be 1/2000th of a second.

ISO Settings

Higher ISO settings are generally used when you are taking photographs in dimly lit or dark circumstances. Here is exactly where the high quality of the camera is important. Just since a camera delivers a really high ISO setting does not mean that the image captured will be noise-totally free. Noise is tiny specs that appear in a photo. If this is essential to you (taking images in dark regions), be confident to purchase a camera that produces quality pictures even at high ISO settings.

Scene Modes

If you like issues to be extremely automatic, be confident the camera you are thinking about has lots of Scene Modes, where you can set the camera to just shoot, for example, Sports. The camera tends to make the right settings automatically.


This is the viewing screen on the camera. Usually they will range from 2 to 3 inches in size…the bigger, the better. Some cameras provide this with or without an electronic viewfinder, which is the modest opening you look through when framing a shot.


Automatic flashes typically work for a distinct distance. If you are shooting in conditions where you will require to use the flash, check out the flash distance of the camera to make certain it will operate properly for you.

These are some of the primary camera features. There are other individuals also. The greatest thing to do is to make a decision what you will be using the camera for and pick one particular that has attributes and alternatives that are most critical to you.

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