Choosing A Photographer For Your Digital Wedding Photography

by Lauren Treece

Digital wedding photography is a hotly debated topic in the world of professional wedding photographers everywhere. The debate of whether digital photography is better than traditional film photography rages.

Some professionals say that traditional film is better, with a warmth and quality that you can’t obtain with digital cameras. Proponents of digital marriage photography might say digital cameras are just as versatile as standard 35mm cameras. Which is best for you?

The quality of digital cameras has increased over the years. With more options available that are comparable to traditional 35mm cameras, professional marriage photographers are willing to take a chance with the new technology.

With the advances, digital wedding photography has gained some credibility among the professional photographers, and as time goes on, it’s possible that you won’t be able to tell the difference between digital marriage photography and traditional film photography.

For many situations, digital cameras offer a number of significant advantages. A digital camera provides immediate feedback to the photographer. This enables him or her to risk tricky or difficult shots, knowing that if anything needs to be corrected it can be.

This is especially important for photojournalistic wedding photography, in which many of the shots will be taken in ambient light conditions. A related benefit is the ability to take a greater number of shots. The photographer can shoot as many pictures as time and memory card will allow, without worrying about the cost of film.

Another major advantage of digital wedding photography is that all of the settings are internal. Rather than having to interrupt the proceedings to change film speeds or simply change out a film roll, the photographer can make changes quickly and easily.

Most couples today want their photos in a digital format as well as an album. While film photos can be scanned, moving digital photos around electronically is less labor intensive and therefore less expensive.

In addition, digital photos can be easily manipulated if the couple wants copies of certain photos in black and white or sepia tones, for example.

The major drawback to digital wedding photography at this time is that many marriage photographers are not yet completely familiar with the new style.

Digital photography is in many ways a completely different animal than film photography, and some very talented professional wedding photographers are simply not at their best with digital photography.

When interviewing possible digital marriage photographers, be sure that you ask how long the photographer has been using this style. Also ask to see copies of both his film work and his digital work for comparison purposes.

Digital wedding photography is increasing in popularity. The medium has many distinct advantages over film photography.

However, the medium that you choose will be determined by many factors, including your personal comfort, the comfort of your photographer, and the style of your marriage. Look at examples of both digital photography and film photography and decide which is right for you.

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