Chris Pilling – Crankworx Whistler Samsung Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2016

6 Photographers | 3 Days | 1 Epic Slide Show Event

Crankworx Whistler’s preeminent mountain bike photo contest, the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, is a crowd favourite every year, capturing the best of mountain bike culture in the Sea to Sky Corridor, from Squamish to Pemberton. Over the course of the challenge, six elite mountain bike photographers – five pros plus the winner of the Pinkbike Deep Summer Wildcard Photographer Search – will have three days to put together an epic slideshow. Slideshow presentations will then light up the night under the stars at Whistler Olympic Plaza and a massive crowd will experience deep summer in Whistler through six different lenses with two 00 prizes on the line. One prize will be awarded by the judges and one by the audience and online voters.

This year a prize will be awarded for the slideshow that receives the most votes by the public. Go to crankworx.com/deepsummer to watch all the shows and vote for your favourite.

10 Biggest Family Photo Fails You Have To See

10 most funny, inappropriate and hilarious family pictures.
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Is there ever a family photo that goes just right? Even in professional photo shoots where everyone dresses the same and the photographer puts you in an uncomfortable pose, there usually has to be a few takes to get the shot. But I guess that’s the fun of it. Whenever a family photo is taken, there’s opportunities for it to go totally wrong. From flailing their children into the ocean to posing with no shirts and cupping each other’s breasts, these families went far beyond that.

Family time is special, there’s really nothing like it. So it’s no wonder that people want to capture those moments. But sometimes that’s just not possible. They say pictures say a thousand words, and all of these photos say “get me outta here!”. Like the parents who tried to coordinate swinging their two children at the same time. Let’s just say, it didn’t go over too well. Or the toddler who dropped her baby sister and couldn’t catch her before she face-planted.

And what about the older siblings laughing at their baby brother who face-planted into the snow? Or the father who flung his daughter into the sand while they were trying to take a cute jumping photo. And then there are the photo shoots gone totally wrong. We’ll say one thing: all family members going shirtless is never a good look. Have we caught your attention? Today we’re looking at 10 of the biggest family photo fails. We beg you to not crack up!

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    When I looked at the thumbnail I was like LOOK ITS MATT AND KIM then looked at the video name. so I'm like do your research or don't trick people….

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    Kadie Bernhard (kadie) August 19, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    "Father…. Why have you betrayed me?"????

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    I don't see anything wrong with that into the woods one

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    "why have u betrayed me father" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!??? I'm dead???

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    1:45 When a kid in class asks your teacher if you have homework RIGHT BEFORE THE BELL RINGS.

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    the last

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    I'm sorry but the beach one with the dad who let go of his daughter's hand… It looked hilarious!

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    "why have you betrayed me father"

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    The jumping photo and then a suprize meme "Why have u betrayed me father"

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    the backflip beach girl . ded.

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    nether that was horible

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    this made me fuckin angry long time ago I was sleepin in a chair and my dad he put liquor in my hand and took a picture and I was two years old

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    my mom has to take 100 pics of us to have at least 1 perfect pic

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