Compare Canon Powershot Digital Cameras: How They look Side By Side

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by don2g

Canon’s lineup is so feature heavy, it sometimes makes it confusing to know how to purchase a canon digital camera. With all the various models, feature mixes, and the variety of other choices that come with both point and shoot as well as DSLR cameras, it is important to try and slice through the clutter. Below you will see a breakout of some of the most popular models in the Canon lineup.Canon Digital Rebel XSI – This model is a true DSLR or digital single lens reflex model. Ideal for the regular amateur as well as the professional, it’s 12 megapixel resolution and lower weight make it both user friendly enough for the enthusiast, as well as manually adjustable enough for the professional who needs to work under many variable light and weather typesCanon Powershot G11 – This is an high end “point and shoot” model that allows the casual photographer to take high-quality pictures without having to worry about multiple adjustments. The picture resolution is slightly lower than the XSI at 10 megapixels, but it shares the same CMOS processor. It’s 4 times zoom should suit most occasional and amateur photographers needsCanon Powershot S90 – This “pocket” camera looks and feels very slim and trim and features a pop-up flash. Don’t let the compact design fool you…lurking beneath it’s exterior is image quality that is almost as good as the top of the line XSI, all in a convenient package that can go anywhere. Resolution is a respectable 10mp and the weight of this point and shoot is a slight 6.2 oz.. Some have stated about the positioning of the pop-up flash as well as the high price tag compared to other point and shoots in this class.For more details on how to buy a canon digital camera check out user reviews and watch the videos that go over the features and benefits of each camera in detail. Canon’s lineup offers more feature rich, high resolution photography than ever before. That means understanding exactly what each feature can do for you at your particular skill and interest level before you purchase.

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