Coolpix Cameras Show How To Shoot Great Vacation Photography With Nikon

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by eta_фотодроч

Many people want to own at least one compact digital camera that can be carried easily in a pocket and easy to use. One of the Nikon Coolpix compact cameras will serve them well. These cameras set the standard on how to shoot great vacation photography with Nikon.

The series includes basic, entry-level units as well as two high performance models – the P7000 and the P100. All Coolpix cameras are equipped with Nikon-produced Nikkor lenses.

The S5100 has all the functionality expected in a basic compact camera including 12.2 megapixels, optical zoom at 5x in a 28-140mm Nikkor lens with 2.7-6.6 f-stop.

The P7000 is the perfect camera to carry everyday or take away on a vacation. It is small and light with a minimal footprint. It comes with weaker resolution than the S5100 but a more powerful lens. It has 10.1 effective (10.39 total) megapixels, 7.1x optical zoom, a 28-200mm lens with an f-stop 2.8 to 5.6 aperture opening. One attractive feature of the P7000 is that it is possible, by pressing the monitor |O| button, to completely clear the LCD monitor to get a clear screen with no distractions.

The S8100 provides the same high resolution as the S5100 with a lens more powerful than the P7000. Its resolution reflects 12.1 million pixels, an impressive 10x optical zoom, 30-300mm lens with 3.5-5.6 f-stop.

The stand-out features of the P100 are its high speed continuous shooting and powerful optical zoom. At 10 frames per second continuous shooting, the P100 captures the fastest sports action. That power is multiplied by its pre-shooting cache option that enables shooting at 120 frames per second for images of up to 1.1 megapixels. The P100 has extraordinary 26x optical zoom that provides the photographer with remarkable compositional freedom. Users will never miss any action or lose a special moment when this camera is handy. In contrast to the P7000, the P100 comes with a CMOS, not CCD, image sensor. It also has the exclusive Nikon EXPEED image processing, 10.3 megapixels for stunning prints with sharp resolution that captures the finest details and allows massive enlargements up to 16 x 20 inches.

Travel light. Shoot fast. Zoom close. Do it with style. Go with Coolpix. This Nikon series will show anyone how to shoot great vacation photography with Nikon.

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