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by 아우크소(Auxo.co.kr)

With all the newest devices coming out of the market these earlier few months, I’ve been longing to own a set of portable bluetooth speakers to compliment the quality sound of my new Samsung Monte S5620. I know that this gadget sports the DNSe or Digital Normal Sound Engine technological innovation which makes this baby one of the most excellent mobile phones with music function. Though we all know that it already has the DNSe technology, a gadget freak like me will hardly ever be happy with just the cellular phone alone. I have the never-ending thirst to accessorize my devices since I really do not like them to seem plain and typical similar to the other devices that tend to be readily available in the market.

Some boys and girls love to dress up their cars and bikes as much as I love accessorizing my gadgets. For someone like me, I prefer receiving gifts that will enhance the current gadgets that I already have. Let’s take a few of my gadgets for example. Since I already have the new Samsung Monte S5620, what I will need to dress it up is a portable bluetooth speaker that I can bring along with me wherever and whenever.

My buddies and I are usually going to the beach a month from now and I am expecting a number folks who will likely be going to the beach at the same time to give their mobile phones for music. I want to stand out in the crowd while my pals and I lie under the sun with excellent music I can share with each and every individual at the beach with the support of some quality portable bluetooth speakers.

Another gadget that I have is a Casio EXILIM EX-V7 digital camera. Perhaps it will not be a high-end camera but I will be able to say that I have taken plenty of quality snap shots that tend to be just as very good as photos taken using DSLR or skilled cameras on the market. It’s all relating to how you master the settings of the picture method that makes your portraits extraordinary and much specific than the vast majority of DSLR camera owners who do not know how to play with their camera’s modes and settings.

Since I often head to the beach, I would need a waterproof camera case. I really do not need the branded people that cost too much for a plastic waterproof camera case. Many folks are selling generic waterproof camera cases for only $ 5 or less. With it, I shall be capable to take superior pix of us underwater without the need of worrying dealing with my camera getting soaked or ruined simply by sea water. You can even get another where you could put your cellular phone in while you’re in the water to help to make sure you don’t lose it. You by no means know when anyone might walk approximately your beach towel by simply the shore and pick on your things that you and your friends left unguarded.

Anyway, make sure you designate someone to watch your things for you while you take dip and take turns to do so only to be fair in relation to it. As for all these things, I desire them and want them so I’m merely suggesting the gifts I want to be given just before my pals and I hit the beach. Actually, I presume I will buy these things for myself. Who ever said we can’t buy gifts for ourselves?

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