Digital Photography Marketing Technique

by murphyeppoon

Now and then I’ll get digital photographers coming to me seeking a website review or a couple of challenging photo advertising and marketing questions. The questions are very easily dealt with, but the photography internet websites, as lovely as they often are, leave me puzzled. Here’s an example.

I clicked through to a portrait photographer who had a pretty impressive little portfolio web site and watched his web page load up. Cool flash experience, lovely design and navigation. Full points for presentation indeed. But, dare I ask brother, how on earth are you going to obtain visitors to your site?

OK, so maybe this guy includes a prepare, and a way to do just that. But if he (or you) don’t currently have a prepare in place for traffic generation (site visitors) then I suggest you begin by using post promoting. And just before you say “dude, I’m a photographer, not a writer!” let me explain how simple, efficient and just why you might want to contemplate penning an post or two.

Firstly, if you possibly can talk about photography, digital photography, making use of a wide angle lens, how to develop the ideal portrait, use the correct photography lighting, or even why you LOVE photography (etc) then You can write articles. And even better, it is possible to write content articles about what you know about photography! (Just like I’m doing now).

The magic of marketing your photography with post writing is inside the fact that your post can get picked up and applied on numerous favorite web sites, where every website has a unique link back in your web site. See how it works? Men and women read your write-up, click as a result of in your photo web site… And suddenly you’ve got a whole LOT of people seeing your stuff!

No will need to limit yourself to just taking photos! You possibly can embrace the whole spectrum – write small 400 word content articles about your photography, or 3 page travel based content for magazines where you take the photos too. Throw the “I’m a photographer not a writer!” idea out the window. At the end from the day you still need to marketplace your photography – so give it a shot!

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