Do SLR Cameras Seem Too Complicated? Here’s How To Master An SLR Without having Breaking Sweat!

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by FotoCastor

Perhaps you are intrigued by photography and would like a camera that is much more adaptable than a simple point and shoot camera.

Maybe you are pondering of getting an entry level SLR (Single LensReflex) camera?

Even so, you maybe feel a bit intimidated you may feel that an SLR is also difficult .

Now, I could attempt to reassure you by saying SLR cameras are not complex but that would be misleading you!

I own a Nikon D5100 SLR camera.

I have counted 19 buttons and dials on the camera. That tends to make issues sort of difficult by anybody’s reckoning! So how are you expected to keep in mind all those 19 buttons and dials?

Properly, truly, you are not expected to don’t forget them all at as soon as. But you CAN bear in mind what they are all for, if you give oneself time.

You never think me?

Okay then, I will prove that you can bear in mind what all these controls are for!

When we started college, we just remembered the names of three or four children at initial. More than time though, by learning two or 3 names at a time, we remembered the names of all 30 or so little ones in our class and possibly went on to discover the names of possibly 50 or 60 little ones in the entire school. All by understanding their names steadily.

The same factor happens when we begin a new job. There could be 50 or far more folk in the workplace and you require to know all their names, and what jobs they do, sooner or later. Just like at school, you find out two or three names at a time. And with the names you also discover what jobs those men and women do. You keep on carrying out this till you’ve discovered everyone’s name and job.

If you can bear in mind all those names and jobs you for positive are capable of studying the functions of all the controls on your SLR!


Get some three by 5 cards from a office supplies shop. Refer to the camera instruction book and draw a small diagram of the handle on a card and write underneath what it is for.

So, you happen to be not Michelangelo.

It doesn’t matter, as lengthy as you recognize the diagram you’ve drawn.

Do this for two or three controls at a time, utilizing a separate card for every single manage.

Appear at the cards 3 or 4 instances a day every day for five days, for a week, or till what those dials and buttons are for are fixed in your memory.

Then, repeat the procedure for two or 3 more controls.

Hold on performing this at your own pace. In a month you are going to remember all the controls on your camera.

So, if it takes you more than a month that is no large deal. It really is just a matter of patience and persistence. When you know what all the dials are for, why not operate by way of the complete instruction book, noting down and understanding two or three new functions each and every couple of days?

I am telling you, if you do this, you are going to soon understand far more about your SLR than the vast majority of owners who have had the camera for years! And, as you learn, maintain on taking photographs! With a modern digital SLR you can take as a lot of as you want on your memory card and just erase these you are notsatisfied with.


Which is the ideal digital SLR for novices? You are spoilt for selection with great top quality entry level SLRs, a lot of of which have been well received in the photographic press. However, I do not have individual expertise of making use of most of these cameras. I am recommending the Nikon D5100 simply since I possess and use one particular and know it to be a excellent camera.

John Wilson has been taking photographs as an amateur photographer for much more years than he cares to remember! Even so, he can don’t forget the exhilaration and challenge of moving up to an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera soon after employing a a lot more simple camera. If you are thinking about moving up to an entry level SLR, verify out why he is so enthusiastic about his present camera, the Nikon D5100.

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