Don’t Let The Digital Camera Companies Trick You!

by andrewmalone

Are you thinking of buying a digital camera? Maybe your old camera has stopped working or maybe you just want to get a better model, it really doesn’t matter, what’s important is that you understand what you are buying, so you can get the best possible camera for yourself at the best possible price. Below I will give you a list of the most important things you need to know and look out for before you buy your digital camera.

1. megapixels:

From a basic standpoint, generally speaking the more megapixels a digital camera has the higher quality images it will be capable of outputting. You will find that with the higher end more professional digital cameras (8 to 12 plus megapixels) the image quality will also be increased significantly depending on the quality of the cameras lenses, but for lower end digital cameras this will have less effect.

Now in regard to the number of megapixels, there is one thing you really do need to look out for. It is vitally important that you read the small print as it were on the digital camera. You see many digital camera manufacturers will have you believe there camera is capable of a higher number of megapixels then it really is.

For example some digital cameras will have in big print on the camera and or in its documentation say six megapixels, but underneath in small print it will say something like five megapixels enhanced to six using software. Basically this means that the camera is really only capable of five megapixels but the software in the camera will attempt to enhance the quality of the photos to six megapixels, this will never be as good as a true six megapixel camera.

A digital camera’s zoom

You need to know just how much zoom you are going to need on your camera. It will greatly depend on your use of your digital camera, and only you can answer this question. One thing to remember is that the more zoom you have on your digital camera the more you’ll be able to do with it.

There are two kinds of zoom, optical and digital. Optical zoom zooms in using lenses within the camera, so there will be no quality lost. Where as digital zoom on the other hand will simply make your pictures bigger and so will lose you are lot of picture quality.

Here too many digital camera manufacturers will try to mislead buyers by stating the digital zoom in big letters, but only revealing that it is in fact digital zoom in small print underneath.

Personally digital zoom isn’t of much use at all! You see, it’s much better to digitally make your image bigger at home on your computer, since by doing so you will be able to see how much picture quality you will have to give up and you will just have so much more control. Not to mention the fact that you will still have your original photograph at full quality.

3. Powersupply

It really is surprising just how many people never stop to think about this, but yet when you think about it, what could possibly be worse than running out of battery power right when you have a great opportunity to take great photographs?

With the lower end cheaper more commercial digital cameras AA and AAA rechargeable batteries are quite common. In recent years these batteries have come down considerably in price so this isn’t such a bad thing. You just have to remember to keep several sets charged and ready to go at all times.

Pretty much all of the higher end more professional digital cameras utilize their own specific powersupply. The powersupply will normally be lithium-based and in many cases can be quite expensive.

These batteries normally last longer than normal batteries, but you will still want to have at least one spare battery Pack. Because of the price of these batteries you will need to take them into account when you’re purchasing your digital camera.

It’s not very normal but some digital cameras do exist that can take normal AA and AAA batteries as well as batteries specifically made for it.

When comparing different digital camera models remember to take into account all of these details. You should also read up on camera reviews on the different digital camera models you are reviewing to see how each camera compares to each other.

Comparing cameras with the help of reviews is especially helpful when looking to buy a top end digital camera, since at this level the quality of the digital cameras lenses and other specifications can make a lot of difference in image output quality.

One will see a Basic Digital Photography Guide at this site that covers anything from buying a digital cam to Digital Photography’s History.

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