Easy Viral Video Marketing Solutions

by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

There are many different viral video marketing solutions out there that will help you market your company. Once you are finished making and posting your video you will be able to get more foot traffic directed to your website or company, encouraging sales.

A viral video is a video that is exchanged over the internet, receiving millions of views, and encourages viewers to visit a website or buy a product. The marketing strategy is not always obvious, nor is the product. Some of these videos are even filmed by amateurs and are of very low quality, but they have still managed millions of views. Here are a few viral video marketing solutions that will help you achieve this.

Creating a Unique Video

Your video content is fairly important to getting people to watch your movie and send it to other people. The best viral video marketing solutions are to make your video very funny or interesting, so people want to share it.

Posting the Video on the Internet

There are many different places you can post the video, and the more places you post it, the better. You can post it on YouTube, Face book, and MySpace just for starters. Viral video marketing solutions include using an intriguing name when you post the video. It should be easy to find when people search the topic through the search engines.

Share Your Video

Once your video is online you will want to share it with as many people as possible. One of the best viral video marketing solutions in this case is to send it to all of your friends and email lists. Ask your friends to send it to all of their friends, so the process can continue.

Promote Your Video

There are several viral video marketing solutions to promote your video that actually do work. Start by making comments on your video with different user names to start up debates and interesting conversations. You can post your own blogs, make ratings, and start forums for it as well.

Once you have done all of these viral video marketing solutions, there is not much else you can do except wait. A video will only have popularity for a few days to a week at most. It’s important that you set it up as quickly as possible so that people will catch on quickly. Keep track of how many views your video has and watch how many people buy your product or visit your website. Once your video has been named as one of the most viewed, you will want to make sure that you have a good thumbnail for your post. Research a bit more on how to make a great thumbnail if your video has reached one of the top most viewed videos.

A thumbnail is a single image taken from a point in your video that best displays what the video is about. You want it to intriguing, but it should not give away the key point of the movie. Make sure that you use this thumbnail on all of your postings so people become familiar with it.

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