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On a daily basis, most leading brands are launching new gadgets in the UK market. Every new gadget brings a new sensation in the mind of the general buyers. We explore their features and pricing whether or not to buy this gadget. Online shopping sites, technology and gadget blogs, etc are keeping us informed about these stuffs regularly. If you have missed some of the latest feeds, and still waiting for some exceptional gadgets to buy, here are some for you.

Sony Xperia Z3+ Smartphone:

Pre-order, launching and availability of the new Xperia Z3+ Smartphone model was among the top stories on the leading tech blogs of UK. In fact, it is still amongst the most searched gadgets on internet search engines. The popularity of this gadget is really visible both in the local market and online stores. This hot selling gadget is now available for the UK buyers as SIM-free or unlocked Smartphone model.

* Design – An affluent, slimmer and lighter Smartphone model is the new Z3 Plus. Sony really crafted its polished rounded aluminium frame eventually to make it standout. Buyers are also getting the option to choose their favourite colour shades. It is just of 6.9 mm and slimmer to its predecessor.

* Camera – The rear snapper of 20.7MP comes with a 25mm wide angle G Lens. Amazingly its ISO 12800 makes it a competitor of your DSLR camera. The front 5MP camera is also having the wide angle lens to capture more heads on your selfies. You can go for 4K video recording too with its incredible camera.

* Brilliant Display – The brighter and sharper TRILUMINOS 5.2-inch screen of Sony Xperia Z3+ makes it a great companion even in bright sunlight. The added X-Reality for mobile feature will make the screen awesome.

* Agility – It boasts the Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor with 3GB RAM for a seamless speed.

The unlocked or contract free 32GB variant of Z3+ is being available online.
Cheap G-Shock Watches:

The G-Shock watches are the perfect blend of design and technology. And you can have it on your wrist. A good time is now being available at affordable price. The market available watch models of this premium brand have their own set of features and goodies. Browse the designs and model series to get the ideal product for you. Classy dials and spiky clock hands will give your hand a refreshing look.

* Affordable – This premier brand also having some cheap G-Shock watch models in the market too. You can find them listed at many online stores of UK.

* Best – Right from its design to technology, it flaunts great scores.
* Class – The limited edition watches have the ultimate look and feel that makes it exclusive.

* Durable – You can have the cheap G-Shock watches at sea, land or air.

The whole story of Sony Xperia Z3+ and G-Shock watches will help you deciding your next buy. Consider buying online to get your favourite colours and features at the best price.

Ross Metts is a technology expert and writes reviews about the latest gadgets and technologies.He found the Sony Xperia Z3+ has some unique features than other Galaxy models. He suggests consumers can also buy Cheap G-Shock for its compact design and brilliant features.
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