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Every mom thinks that their family is the cutest and the most beautiful family in the whole world. They would not think of the opposite because this is their feeling and this is what is true for them. So, how do you let the whole world to see your family while earning a little cash in the process? Of course, get you camera and enter your family into a family photo contest.

So, how can you win the contest? Actually, there is no really an exact formula to winning a family photo contest. What you can actually do as a mom is to increase your chance of winning one. So, below are some of the tips that you can do to increase your chance in winning.

First is to send a photo that you took of your family. If someone else took the photo of your family, they must get your permission before entering the photo into one family photo contest. You must have a genuinely taken photo and not edited or taken by a professional photographer.

Choose a photo that is really clear. Do not upload photos that are very blurry or very dark because it is very difficult to judge these photos. You must always remember to choose a photo that is clear and up close. This will make the judges to really see how adorable your family is. Be very creative and have fun shooting pictures. Do not just coach your family. Instead, let the picture be natural and creative.

The family photo contest judges will love to see creative photos that will stand out. This will make your family photo be on their main page. Depending on what day it is for example if it is Christmastime then you will have a better chance of winning the family photo contest if you will send this season’s theme. Just think about the season, month, weather, or holiday celebrations and try to make it the theme of the photo you will send. However, you can also send a neutral themed photo and hope to win the contest.

When you send your family’s photo, include the correct information of your family especially your family name. Do not also send a very small photo because it can’t be judge. Just submit natural photos of your family and you will sure increase your chance of winning the family photo contest.

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Family Photo Contest

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