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For people, it is almost second nature to want to document events. It is not surprising that some people will not go anywhere without a camera, since taking pictures is one of the best ways (if not the best way) to capture a moment’s feeling. It is a common sight to see most people toting a digital camera to almost every function, so that they can capture even the most mundane events.

Digital cameras have changed the way people take pictures. Gone are the days when people have to worry about bringing enough film to capture enough shots; now people concern themselves with the storage on their camera’s memory sticks.

Digital cameras have also allowed people to take almost foolproof pictures, since most models take better shots in lowlight conditions.

While digital cameras have surely provided people with much convenience, there is that fact that digital cameras can only provide little room for creativity. While there are built-in effects on most models, there are those people who want more creative control for their photographs.

Because of that constant want to create artful pictures, people have started to embrace the phenomenon behind the digital SLR.

DSLR or digital single lens reflex cameras have been gaining popularity in the recent years. People who were users of the traditional single lens reflex cameras find joy in using digital SLR cameras, because it strikes a good balance between the different essentials that photographers go for.

Compared to digital cameras or other compact cameras, digital SLR cameras provide better image quality. These cameras provide better resolution; the difference is even more noticeable in higher ISOs.

A faster autofocus is also a great feature in digital SLRs. This is a good feature, since photographers can make sure that they can capture even the unexpected events. These digital single lens reflex cameras also allow faster continuous shooting, which is essential when shooting moving subjects or sporting events.

The photographer can play up with a number of effects with digital SLR cameras.

This is because different accessories can be used with the cameras; among those are the different types of lenses. There are various lenses for different needs like telephoto lens, ultrawide angles, and perspective-control lens, among others. By switching to different lenses, a photographer can get creative with countless possibilities.

These cameras can also be used with flashes, thus allowing the photographer to take better pictures in low light conditions. With regular digital cameras, the photographer will only rely on the camera’s built in flash. While this provides acceptable results, specialized flashes for digital SLR cameras are definitely better.

An important advantage of digital SLR cameras over the traditional models is that since digital SLRs do not use film, there is a lower cost to take pictures. This means that the photographer can take as many shots as the storage allows, and he does’nt have to print out the pictures to choose which ones are usable.

The images can be seen immediately on the computer, so the photographer may opt to edit or enhance the pictures right there and then.

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