Finding the Perfect Fluid Head Tripod

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by eta_фотодроч

Tripods are considered one of the most practical photography accessories that you can own. Not only are they handy to have, compared to a lot of other equipment that you need, a tripod can be one of the most inexpensive tools that you purchase.

When you’re taking a long exposure shot, such as at night or during fireworks, a tripod is a necessity. Modern digital DSLR’s have some great stabilization features, but you’re still going to need a tripod to capture what you’re seeing.

While a photographer taking still photographs can take photos without a tripod, they’re still going to want one for shots such as double exposures. A videographer is going to have a good tripod on their list of must have equipment.

It would be wise to stick with a fluid head tripod. It should be able to support the weight of the camera or the latest lines of lightweight camcorders. Of course nothing is more important than it being stable enough.

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to purchase a tripod that needed someone to stand there and support it! When you choose a fluid head tripod, it should have some very useful features. One of those is the height; height is an important factor because it could limit the photographer. You need to consider the subject that you’ll be photographing or videoing.

Typically, if the photographer works indoors, they would not need tall tripods. Obviously, ones who would be working with food styling and stills of found objects would need a more compact one. This is where the minimum height of the tripod comes in.

On the other hand, the folded height is much about the transportability of the tripod. For instance, photographers and videographers should always consider how they travel and what their means of transportation often is.

Fluid head tripods can be made out of either lightweight materials which don’t’ offer quite as much stability, or heavier weight materials which will be less convenient, but definitely more stable. Consider which is more important to you very carefully.

A fluid head tripod should have manageable controls over where the lenses are to be directed to. This means that you should be conscious of tilt range and pan range. Oftentimes, these kinds of tripods would also have a leveling bubble which would help a lot in the area of making sure the picture is not tilted unless the photographer intends it to.

Before you purchase a Fluid Head Tripod , you should to think about many different factors. What will you mainly be using this tripod for? Will you be Shooting Professional Quality Videos ? With so many options, you should to choose carefully!

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