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by Esther Rose-Anne

Photo Zoe is a free online image editor that allows you to easily upload, edit, save and share your photos without installing any software and without creating an account that requires a username or password.

Photo Zoe offers various effects that are found in other online photo editors such as brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, warmth, rotation, cropping, resizing and more including a one click photo enhance that isn’t offered by many of the other services. In addition to the standard tools there are also fun stickers that you can add to your photo as well as text overlays, free hand drawing in different colors, borders and of course special effects like vivid, indiglow, concord, static, sepia, black & white, soft focus, etc?, think Instagram. You can also fix red eyes, whiten teeth, and get rid of blemishes. If you need to zoom in or out that is supported also, and in case you need to go back there is an undo button and a redo button.

Once you are done editing your photo you can download it to your computer for safe keeping, or instantly share it to many online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and lots more including an instant email share button. Your edited photo is stored in the cloud so it is always available from your share links.

Although only JPG picture files are supported, this is by far the most common photo format. You can upload files up to 10mb in size and they are automatically optimized for viewing on the internet without losing any quality.

The photo gallery features a grid of thumbnails showing photos that others have edited on Photo Zoe and offers a Shuffle button which randomizes the tons of photos that have been submitted. You could end up spending more time looking at other users creations that the time you spend creating your own since they are kind of fun to look at.

Although Photo Zoe is extremely easy to use you might want to click on the About Photo Zoe link at the bottom of the home page to get a quick overview and even get a Bonus just for reading the about page.

All in all Photo Zoe is a straightforward, easy to use online photo editor that is on par with all the other major online photo editors with the biggest advantage being that you don’t have to create an account to use it.

Check out the Photo Zoe Editor at http://photozoe.com and don’t forget to also check out the Photo Gallery at http://photozoe.com/photo_gallery


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