Gizmos That I Want At The Beach

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by e.r.w.i.n.

When I hit the beach, I do not just go there to bask in the sun and get a tan from lying on my face and back for few a a number of hours. I make sure that I also bring along my preferred gadgets to keep me accompanied to such a heavenly getaway. I think it is the best place to play music, take very good photographs and shoot videos that you can later dub music into. Of course, I leave most of my gadgets in my hotel space and I just bring along my trusty and handy huge canvas tote bag from J. Crew and I’m off to the beach.

Now let’s have a bag raid. If you take all the issues I have inside my tote bag out, you will most likely see my Nikon D90 DSLR camera, my Sony Ericsson w902 cellular telephone, my Motorola EQ7 bluetooth wireless HiFi stereo speaker, a pair of Oliver Peoples Strummer shades, my Louis Vuitton Murakami Panda Pochette, a pack of smokes, a Zippo lighter, credit cards, some money and a complete bag of Red Vines Licorice candy twists. I so really like the last stuff.

It seems as if I have brought almost everything but the kitchen sink. And where’s my towel? I believe I forgot to bring my towel. Oh nicely. Even if I intended to bring my towel, there won’t be any space left in my tote bag for a towel. I could just sit on one particular of the beach chairs located by the shore in front of the hotel. It is a beachfront hotel so it really is just organic that they have obtainable beach chairs by the shore.

Then as I method the spot exactly where I want to just sit about for hours until the sun sets, I wave my hand, signaling the attendant to hand me the menu so I could order for some refreshments while I bask below the sun. He then hands me a big menu with all sorts of yummy food to pick from. Prior to I get lost in all the pizza and pasta dishes that the attendant has been telling me about, I ask for the greatest-promoting drink that individuals in the hotel have been ordering. He tells me that the tropical mango shake is what the people have been ordering lately simply because considering that mangoes are freshly picked throughout the summer season time, the shake tastes so fresh and addicting. So I ordered for a large glass of mango shake with a cherry on top. Although the attendant mentioned the cherry might sink to the bottom, I told him to just let it sink if it will. Mango and cherry are greatest combined among all the fruits.

The spot I’ve selected has the most beneficial view of the ocean’s horizon and I was just in time simply because people had been starting to come out of their hotel rooms and they are flocking the beach front. Majority of them have their cameras prepared for the sunset and some had been preparing for the Luau dinner by the shore, compliments of the hotel for all the guests checked in to the hotel. Now the sun is beginning to set, it is the appropriate time to take out my camera. Music has been playing from my portable speakers with mp3 from my cellular phone.

It is definitely beneficial to have these devices with me particularly here at the beach. In truth, these are the items I bring every time I go out. I just can not leave with out any of it.

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