Great Photo Scanning Services

by TheArtificer

Photo scanning services can bring the most damaged of photographs back to life! Photo scanning services are those businesses who can professionally scan photos for you, repairing them and restoring them along the way. When your irreplaceable pictures need to be put into good hands, photo scanning services do a great job. Just what do they do with the pictures that customers need scanned?

Many photo scanning services will have you mail to them your photos that need scanning. Once they receive your photos, they will start out by looking up your order that you placed with them previously, either on their website or via phone, usually. Photo scanning services will start by cleaning the printed photographs that you sent in to them using only compressed air. Sometimes, in addition to the air, they may also use a soft cloth to clean them. Photo scanning services should never use any chemicals or liquids to clean your pictures; this could obviously have devastating effects for the surface of the photo

Photo scanning services will then place the prints on a high quality flatbed scanner. You may want to check with your photo scanning service to make sure they do not use an automated scanning system, because the automated ones do not turn out as good as manually scanned ones. Your photos should be scanned at around 600DPI, just to be sure to capture all of the details of the photo.

When photo scanning is done, the photo scanning service can complete a number of different post scan restoration steps. Some of the services that they can do to the scans for you include color correction, rotation, exposure correction, and cropping. For images that are heavily faded or color worn, extra treatment can be done for color restoration to enhance the photos.

When the photo scanning and refinishing are finished, your preview versions of your images usually are available online for you to view. The great photo scanning services will usually let you delete any images that you dont want; you only pay for what you are happy with. After you have reviewed the scanned images online, the photo scanning service will return the digital images to you on DVDs or CDs and your original photos. Photo scanning services will help you turn your faded, worn images into the great works of art that they were meant to be.

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