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In this article we consider how to compare digital SLR cameras. If you’re a photographer that is serious about his work, and you want to upgrade your DSLR, with better features, like live view and camera image fixes, increased resolution and firing faster, you probably saw the prices attached to these cameras, many times bigger than $ 1000.

There are other DSLR’s on the market though, cameras that cost less than $ 1000 and come with a kit lens. Also, all these cameras will have image stabilization included.

You can’t wait forever for the best camera to come along because the technological process is developing all the time and so are its products. Read the examples below and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

The megapixels: a few years ago we had only 1MP or 2 MP cameras on the market but now they go up to 50MP.The focal length: from no zoom the specs now comprise 7x optical zoom or better.

Image stabilization is a cool thing, and becoming more popular these days. It helps to keep your pictures from being blurry, when you’ve got a case of the shakes. Especially when your shooting pictures at lower film speeds (ISO settings).

Considering all the above you must think very well before purchasing a new camera. If you have enough money to spend on a dSLR you’re very lucky. With dSLR’s everything is very simple because you can acquire new zoom distances and faster exposure without changing the actual body.

One of the optional new skills you get to learn with a digital camera, is photo editing. You can add horns to evil Aunt Bessie, or scars and tattoos to creepy Uncle Chester. Whatever your imagination dreams up. Of course more practical tasks would be removing red eye and adjusting color / sharpness / lighting flaws. Photo editing is kind of a second chance for photographers that can’t quite get the picture right with just a shutter click.

To sum up all the above, you must buy the best camera you can afford and use it wisely. If you worry all the time about what’s new and how much money does it cost you’ll end up forgetting the most important thing about all this, which is the actual photo.

Controls: the controls of the camera that you use when taking the shot, plus the fixes that you can use to modify the photos after you take them.

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