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The camera, for generations, has been a very useful device. Its basic ability – the ability to capture special moments and situations rings a deep chord in all of us. Since ancient times, man has tried to preserve and reflect his experiences and memories through cave drawings, paintings and sculpture. Modern digital cameras has made photography simple and affordable.

To find the best camera that fits your budget you need to conduct some preliminary research. Digital cameras are available in all ranges starting from el-cheapo pen cameras to state-of-the-art professional grade DSLR’s. Most people want something in between costing no more than a few hundred bucks. You will be surprised at what features you can have in the best camera under 200 dollars.

The best camera, for you, is the one that you are comfortable with and which fulfills all your photographic needs. Start by making a list of the important features you want in your camera. The best camera under 200 dollars, that you can find, will have optical zoom, expandable memory, video recording, rechargeable batteries and other point and shoot features as standard. If you are an amateur photographer trying to hone your photographic skills, you will want a camera that has complete manual control.

When shopping for a camera pay attention to technical details like sensor size, lens quality, optical zoom, construction quality, expandable memory and battery type. Sensor size is as important as resolution; remember, bigger is better but is also more expensive. Make sure the sensor resolution is native and not extrapolated. A camera with a high quality lens and a large sensor is the best camera to have. Optical zoom is more important than digital zoom since you can use software to digitally enlarge an image. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are light but they are not as readily available as AA batteries, avoid expensive proprietary memory.

The best camera under 200 dollars is produced by Canon. The website “bestcameraunder200.org” is a review website that provides simple and comprehensive reviews of under 200 dollar cameras. The site lists and reviews cameras from all major manufacturers, you can start your search for the best camera under 200 dollars from the aforementioned site.

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