How Camera Lens Rentals Can Save You Money

by donjd2

If you are thinking about being a photographer you need to try the equipment out first before you buy it, otherwise you will not know what you are looking for and spend a fortune on camera stuff you don’t need or you don’t like. You also should look into educating yourself about camera lenses and how to use them properly to get the photos you want.

Luckily there are camera rentals and camera lens rentals that are available to you so you can mess around with learning about and being a photographer before you fork out the cash to be one.

Ordinarily, if you were to actually go out and purchase camera lenses for your photography needs, you would most likely end up spending anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. This is where camera lens rentals come into play, because they offer you the features that you require but for a fraction of the price. However, like anything else there are some disadvantages to camera lens rentals that you should be aware of.

The Cons of Renting Cameras and Lenses

Although both of these companies are very reputable and respectable, as are many others, there are still certain disadvantages that come from renting camera lenses and related camera equipment.

The most major con is that you have to worry so much more about ruining or wrecking the equipment if it isn’t actually yours, especially if you did not get insurance on it. You also have to consider just how long you are going to be renting for, because if it is for an extended period of time then you may just be better off spending the money up front and buying your own.

Your Options For Camera Lens Rentals

There are a number of different great companies that offer camera lens rentals, one in particular being the Boston Camera Rental Company, which is a company that was established in 1982 so they do have a track record of success and are very knowledgeable in helping your find what you need to take the pictures you want.

In terms of camera lens rentals they especially have a lot to offer, and some of their major categories include:
* 35MM MOS
* 16MM/S16MM
* 16MM Basic and Industrial
* Cooke S4 Prime Lenses
* 35MM lenses,
* 16MM lenses
* Cine Magic Cinewand

You can basically rent their lenses out for as long as you like and they also offer great warranty deals and packages, so that if something unfortunate happens and the lens gets ruined, you will not have to pay for the damages, although you will have to pay a fee up front to get this sort of insurance with the rental.

Another great camera lens rentals company is Adorama, a company that actually offers an entire camera rental department, which provides high end cameras, lighting and grip devices, as well as a variety of camera lenses and other camera products and accessories. They have become the leading source in the pro digital field, and you can always rent with confidence when you rent from them.

Before you choose a camera rental company you should also do some of your own research online and see what you can find out about camera rentals. There are many companies out there and there might be one that suits your needs better than the two that I described above.

If you are thinking about getting into photography it is a great hobby and a great profession for some. Just make sure you try it and it is something you are interested in before you spend all of your hard earned money.

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