How Different Types Of Photography Can Capture Life

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“All of us have always love taking pictures. Taking pictures of ourselves and our loved ones has been our passion especially on special events. However, do we really know what photography is? The following are a few guidelines so that we may further understand and appreciate photography more.

Types of Photography:

1. Photography that focuses on taking pictures of beautiful scenes or landscapes refers to Aerial Photography.

2. Amateur Photography – From the name itself, it is a type of photography that is done by someone who is not a professional in the field of photography.

3. A type of photography that deals with taking photos of anything that fits being adventurous is referred to as Action or Adventure Photography. The photographer takes pictures of sports events, daring feats, challenges and other adventurous activities.

4. Kirlian Photography – This is a type of contact print photography wherein an object that is touching a photographic plate is connected to a high voltage power source, therefore creating an aura that creates an image. Sometimes, this type of photography is referred to as an Aura Photography.

5. Another type of photography called Time-Lapse happens when one sets up the camera in a special way so that it captures pictures with long exposure. This can produce a photo showing a passing of time while other things are portrayed as moving things. A photo showing a street that has a lot of car lights seen as blurred lines is a great example of Time-Lapse photography.

6. Of course, pictures taken underwater belong to the Underwater Photography type. In this type of photography, the photographer goes underwater, a pool, river or under the sea perhaps and captures all that is happening underneath.

7. Black and White Photography – Black and white photography is not just photography showing pictures in black and white. Black and white photography explores the shapes, tones, textures, art and the bare beauty of the subject or model. Shadows and highlights are two important elements in this type.

The types of photography mentioned above are just some of the types that one who loves photography can delve in. Photography itself has many uses, the most common of which are for artistic expression and for business promotion. For those who just love taking pictures of special moments can use any type of photography that he wishes.

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