How Digital Camera Photography Has an Upper Hand on Smart Phone Photography

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by benjamin-nagel

So, you thought that your smart phone is enough to relieve you of the requirements of a digital camera for your outdoor trip? Think again, ask yourself, “Are only smart phones making strides in their arena to convince you, especially with their escalating camera pixels?” Or, “Have all the cameras gone silent, aren’t they upgrading themselves with the technology?” The truth is, if the smart phones are continually upgrading themselves to please you, so are the digital cameras!

Just have a cursory look at the latest cameras, they are getting lighter and more advanced–so advanced that besides clicking good pictures (or correcting the bad ones), you can also share them directly to your online, social profile. So how, in the typical sense, are digital camera photography differs from smart phone photography?

Let’s see some major differences between the both:

Photo quality matters: Just try taking a photo of a moving image from your smart phone camera; you will get a blurry image that can never satisfy you. Or, take a shot of a far flung object or scene from your phone, you will again see a blurry image. When you zoom the camera on your smart phone, you just make the image larger, without adding clarity to the shot. So the more you zoom on your phone, the more the image decomposes. On the other hand, optical zoom on your digital camera enhances the quality of the shot with each zoom.

Top up features: Whatever you do with your smart phone camera, you are doing it with one-single lens. In fact, you are helpless as you don’t have an option to switch between different lenses. On the other hand, cameras such as DSLR etc. allow you to change lens according to the shot, scene and your requirements.

Besides, your smart phone camera, being an automatic one, doesn’t give you the various shooting options like a regular camera. Here lies the main difference between the both, one acts simply as a point-and-shoot camera, while the other is there for every reason, every occasion and every season.

Shutter speed: Shutter speed is responsible for clicking the good images of fast-moving objects. A smart phone is generally silent on its shutter speed, making it a poor cousin of traditional cameras. You can adjust the shutter speed in your digital camera, for example you can choose between longer and shorter shutter speed.
So, next time you think of going out with your smart phone alone, think again. And also think that while capturing photos would you like to be get interrupted with your incoming calls, etc.

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