How Do I Add Video to My Website? Three Simple Steps to make it Happen

by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Because videos are fast becoming a powerful tool to capture visitors to internet sites, online marketers of all kinds are asking, “How can I add video to my website?” Many believe the process is far too difficult, but adding a video to a website is actually not as hard as some might have you believe.

So maybe you’re one of those asking this same question: “How do I add video on my website?” Here are 3 simple steps to help you out:

1. Use your digital camcorder or webcam and create your own quality video.

2. Compress your video files. Compressing a video file might cause you to lose some of its quality, but it will make your file small and suitable for the web. This way, your video becomes more available for viewing and downloading.

When compressing a video file, you will need software that can read both your original video file as well as the compressed video file. Adobe Premier is one such application that offers many video editing tools, but it can be quiet expensive to use. An alternative is to use a free and handy program such as “Windows Movie Maker,” which is a video editing tool that comes with Microsoft Windows XP or newer.

With this software, you would be able to open your video file. You can do this by going to the “File” menu and clicking on “Open” to browse the video file. Then save the file by clicking on “Export” or “Save as.” Type a file name and then click on the file type that you want. Video file types that you can choose from are MPEG, QuickTime, and AVI. The most common of which are MPEG and QuickTime.

3. Upload your video to the internet. Once you already have your video ready, uploading it to the internet is quite easy. But the first thing you have to find out you’re your ISP is the amount of disk space they will allow you to use. Knowing your disk quota will help you determine the number of video files you can actually upload.

In order to check how long it actually takes to download your video file, create a directory for your video in your site’s public html directory. Once you’ve already uploaded the video file, you’re now ready to make a link to it on your website. Like most people, you can use a screen shot of the video on the web page where you posted it. Beneath this screen shot you can write some information to help the viewer know more about the video such as its format, length, and the amount of disk space it needs.

With these three simple steps, you can now showcase your very own video to your web visitors and resolve the dilemma of how to “add video to my website.” For some, this process may still seem too difficult, or you are in need of a better quality video than you have the ability to produce on your own. In this case, a free consultation with a video production professional might be your best option.

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