How the Photo Retouching is done ?

by Daniel Pietzsch

The task of retouching is performed by photographers as well as by the experts of it. The photographers can only give a little bit effect to the photographs but the photo editing experts can change the photographs in an effective way. They can give a totally new look to the old photographs. With the help of photo editing people can relive their memories for a long time again with new effects. Let us know a little bit hoes the it is performed on old photographs.

To know the difference between a simple snap that has been taken before 30 to 40 years and a snap that is renewed by using the technique of photo repairing consider both the snaps together. The snap that has been taken before a long time becomes dull, faded colors, damaged edges and many more other problems may occur to see the snap like this. With the help of latest technology of photo repairing the snap can be renewed. It may be done with the help of old photographs or with the negatives of these photographs or both the photos and negatives can be used for photo shop masking. With the help of photo retouching we can give a new looks to our old photographs and relive our memories that are faded because the photographs that are the memories of that time are faded.

With the technique of photo shop masking people can give their favorite look to the photographs. They can change the colors, give special effects, change location and many more they can do with the help of photo editing. In the life of a human being there are many occasions come the memories of which he/she want to capture in camera as photographs. After a lime these snaps starting become dull and damaged. So the person wants to renew these snaps so that he /she may relive these beautiful moments. They can give them new look to these images so that they feel happy and relive the moments that were happen before a long time. The quality of the snaps can be improved with the help of photo repairing.

This is also interesting to know how the photo retouching is done. To do photo retouching copy of photograph or the negative is used. Photo editing is applied on the copy of the original image. If any problem occurs during photo repairing the original photo is not damaged. In photo editing copy of his original photo is used. While scanning the photograph it is also important that the photo should be properly aligned. After that it is time to change the toning of the photograph. Toning of the photograph gives effect to the colors of the photograph. After that special effects are given to the photograph. The colors and back grounds can be changed according to the need. After the process it is time to take a copy of that photograph that is making after photo retouching.

Photo retouching, background removal is used by photo retoucher on the photographs of weddings, birthdays and other occasions. Now in these days Photo Retouching is used by every person.
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