How to Boost Your Sales With These 5 Simple Video Marketing Tips

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Using video as a promotional tool is an incredibly effective way of getting exposure for your products or services. With the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook over the past few years, and the ability to post videos online, there is a new style of video marketing that is becoming more and more popular with everyone from global corporations to individual entrepreneurs alike. Uploading a video on Facebook is a great marketing technique to raise awareness about your products or services and an effective video can drive literally hundreds of thousands of viewers to your website. And of course, by maximizing the amount of traffic coming to your website, you are maximizing the number of sales and amount of profit you can make.

However, it’s not quite as easy as simple as uploading a video on Facebook and then sitting back and waiting for the customers to roll in! A lot of people tend to make Facebook videos that have no clear message for the viewer, and this is one of the major problems that I see time after time because it does nothing towards getting the viewer to visit your website and make a purchase.

There are certainly a lot of factors you need to consider when making a video for Facebook, and a lot of things that you need to think about, so in this article I will show you how to boost your sales with these 5 simple video marketing tips. After reading this article, you should be able to create much more effective videos, so that you can really get the maximum benefit out of your video marketing on Facebook.

1) Make sure that your campaigns video also appears on other sites too. One of the problems that people face, especially to start with, is actually getting viewers. For instance, if you upload your video on Facebook but you do not yet have many people on your friends list then the video probably isn’t going to get many viewers because you haven’t yet created a large following. By making sure that your video also appears on many different social networking and video sharing sites you are going to ensure the most exposure, which is great news for your sales figures!

2) When thinking about creating a video marketing campaign, it is better to make a series of shorter videos rather than one long video. Perhaps you could even use this sequence to release information to your viewers so that they want to watch the entire series before they are done. It’s a great idea to upload the first video on Facebook, and to then post the other videos in the series on your website so that the viewers who want to watch the entire collection of videos are pulled towards your webpage.

3) Make sure your video has a relevant title! I’ve seen so many videos which don’t even have a title at all, and this can really have a negative effect on your marketing campaign. Facebook Video allows you to enter a title and a description about your video, so make sure you fill these in. By using a relevant title for your video your viewers will know instantly what it’s about and it will also make your video easier to find in searches.

4) Another common problem that marketers face is that it can be easy to become lost in the crowd because there are so many new videos on Facebook being uploaded everyday. Remember that people are only going to watch your video if it is interesting and grabs their attention, so make sure to create it compelling enough to make people watch it. This is really important if you wish to be successful with your video marketing on Facebook!

5) My final tip is to ensure that you make a good quality video. I see a lot of video campaigns that are of inferior quality. Of course you don’t have to produce the next Hollywood blockbuster, but if you want to upload a video online just make sure that you use a good video camera and microphone so that your viewers can clearly see and hear everything in your video clearly.

Armed with these simple 5 tips, you should be able to overcome all of your Facebook video problems and produce a video that is extremely successful at getting exposure for your promotion. As you can see, with the right knowledge it is actually really easy to create an effective video marketing campaign for Facebook, and by following these tips and strategies you are sure to see an increase in your sales!

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