How To Buy The Best Value Digital Photo Frame

by dmitryzhkov

If you like photos and photography you will probably be amazed at the quality of the images that can now be displayed on the latest digital photo frames. When you see what they can do you will want to buy one and have some fun. These electronic photo displays will let you see your digital photo collection at its best.

Before making your purchase or selecting your final choice you should look closely at the minimum spec for your new photo frame and choose wisely.

Make Sure the Display is High Resolution!

For a sharp and bright image of your favorite photos you need to check the resolution of the photo display that you are thinking of buying. The screens used in digital picture frames are a smaller version of those found in flat panel tvs. They used liquid crystal display technology.

So if the digital frame you are considering does not have good resolution ignore it. Screen Resolution makes such a big difference to the quality of the image that you need to get this right.

It is recommended that you get a resolution of at least 640×480 or even 800×600 if you can the higher price required. The higher resolution frames are normally always more expensive. Do not even consider a frame with lower resolution as you will not be happy with the quality you will get.

If you are looking at the bigger sized LCD displays from 11 inches upwards then get the highest resolution that your wallet will allow. High resolution means sharp images and that is what you want. All cheaper frames are likely to have a lower resolution, so check their specifications carefully.

Don’t Forget About the Aspect Ratio.

There are just two different aspect ratios to consider for digital photo frames and these are the less common 15:9 and the normal 4:3, which is found in images from most of todays more common digital cameras.

The 4:3 is just so common that you photos will be displayed at their original best in this format. The other 15:9 format will give you a great wide-screen TV type of display which you might like.

The major problem with this is that any screen with a 15:9 display will remove the bottom and the top of each image it displays that comes from a 4:3 photo and not everyone will like this.

Get the Right Memory Card Slot.

If possible get a digital photo frame with a multiple card reader slot so that you can use your existing memory card and also your friends. If only one card reader slot is provided then you will need to make sure that it is the same as that used in your digital camera.

Do you need a USB port?

In order to move digital photos and images from your digital camera or computer using a USB cable then the digital frame you buy must have a matching USB slot for the cable. If you only want to use memory cards to transfer your images you will not need USB.

Other Options.

Today there are now some great options available for a digital photo frame and these include headphones, remote controls, speakers, alarms, clocks and wireless connections to the web for image downloads. These options cost more and it will be up to you to decide if you want them.

With the recommendations you have just read you will be well prepared for making the right choice when choosing a quality digital photo frame that will give you great images and at a great price. Remember to just ignore the brand labels as these really should not influence your decision.

To find out more about the best Digital Photo Frame options just visit our website and learn more on How To Choose a Digital Photo Frame so that when you are ready to buy you will be confident in your choice.

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