How to Create Professional Video But With Easy Steps?Yeah, Muvee Reveal and Muvee Pixie Are the Best Solution

by francoisaix

Most people still believe that operates an editing software to create professional video, requiring great skill / special techniques. Obviously the assumption is quite reasonable because most video editing software is a great software with functions that are many and complex. Of course it is very confusing for the lay person, which can only use the software easy to operate. The presumption is I countered with the introduction of an automatic video editing software and easy to operate even if you are a beginner, and all PC users in the world would be able to make a video great, modern, professional and elegant.

Intrigued by the video editing software? Maybe of you have known it. I tell you again that in order to create a video of some pictures / video memories you look like a professional with a modern style, you need three easy steps and less than five minutes you can do all that. Yes, all can be done with muvee Reveal and muvee Pixie.

muvee Reveal and muvee Pixie are automatic video editing software from muvee Technologies. Now, you do not have to worry anymore for making an awesome video of some photos, those of you who do not understand the editing software must be able to do so. Why such confidence? Yes I believe you that I’ve tried it and the people around me that experience in editing software is still not better than me agree with me.

Very interesting, and amazing, so that there is in my mind when I made a video of some photos of memories with my family and my friends. How about you? Well, I’ll tell you more about muvee Reveal and muvee Pixie, why you should choose a muvee Reveal and muvee Pixie? Here’s my review.

To begin, I will illustrate the main page of muvee Reveal. You will see a display with a dominant black and white text and see clearly four main parts labeled with numbers. Viewing the display with the label numbers 1 through 4, you will be able to guess the function of each number. Easy, number one, you can include lots of photos and video from computer drives, or directly from AVCHD camcorders that connect to your PC via USB.

Function number 2, you simply select the style that is suitable for your video. Do not worry, you do not need to be confused the style. Styles provided by muvee Reveal is bulit-in styles, and ready to use. The Style is a gentle movements and modern animation that is set up perfectly to produce motion graphics for your video. You just click Apply button to apply these styles to your video.

What the function number 3 and number 4? The function of the number 3 is add music, you can add your favorite music. It features Music trimming, with this feature you can mark the beats in music at the beginning and end of the video when the video preview. Last, you can enjoy your video in the preview with High Definition mode. In this process, muvee Reveal work on processing your video will automatically and intelligently. muvee Reval will analyze the number of photos you submit and the length of music while playing and synchronizing both automatically to generate a video that looks professional. In this section, muvee Reveal will give you tips, whether the photo you submit is still exceed or more.

Ooops, there was a forgotten! How about muvee Pixie? Do the same with muvee Reveal?

Find out at my site below!

Want to know more about muvee Pixie-The Automatic Video Editing Software and muvee Reveal-Home Video Editing Software, I’ll show you about the both, and also how the three magic steps, video samples, tutorials and more.

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