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Every now and then, many photography schools offer helpful digital photography tutorials for enhancing the knowledge of novices as well as the professional photographers.

One of the vital things your picture should have is an ability to catch a viewers’ attention. There are many methods that can be used to help you create your shot, so that people devote more than a second viewing it. Apart from keeping your viewers focused on your photograph, the methods below can also help highlighting your main subject.
There are various techniques to catch your viewer’s attention. Following are the ones that you are able to simply begin with:

A vignette is a slow loss of light as well as picture quality towards the verge of the photo because of poor lens construction. Even though it is considered a lens abnormality, a vignette is useful in drawing the viewer’s attention towards the focus of the picture. It moreover adds appeal to a picture, as it makes it look like it was captured from an old camera.
Capture through a frame
This is perhaps one of the oldest tricks. You just select an item you can shoot through a frame.

Leading lines
Lines can moreover help attract your viewer’s attention, as the tendency of the eye is to chase the direction of evident lines that it notices.

Fill the frame
Don’t be afraid to get close. Sometimes a few steps forward is all it takes to make a good picture great. If the subject is thought-provoking then show your viewers by filling your frame with it.

Break a pattern
The human eye is all the time drawn to patterns and whatsoever breaks a pattern will unquestionably stick out. Place your subject beside a pattern and see how much the subject sticks out and how the surrounding pattern embraces all together.
Learn these techniques and more once you become a part of a digital photography tutorial and turn into a prominent figure in the photography world through your work.

There are many photography schools in India, which through their workshops and tutorials make you learn photography.
There are three levels of courses, including learners, teaching you the basics of photography
Intermediate and advanced, making you learn the innovative techniques.

So, what are you waiting for? Join a photography workshop, tutorial or a course and keep clicking pictures till you get a masterpiece to show it to the world.

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