How to Make Money With Video Marketing on Facebook

by Divine Harvester

Over the past few years there has been a huge growth in social networking sites, such as Facebook, and this has opened the door to a whole new level of marketing possibilities. Marketers are realizing that social networking sites are literally like gold mines just waiting to be exploited, however I know that many marketers aren’t sure how to make the most of this opportunity, so in this article I’d like to show you how to make money with video marketing on Facebook.

In fact Facebook is one of the largest sites around right now and gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every day from all over the world. By carefully planning out your video marketing activities it is possible to exploit this large volume or traffic and get maximum exposure for your website, product or service!

However, making real money from Facebook is not as simple as uploading a video and then waiting for the profit to roll in! You must realize that there are certain things you need to bear in mind when creating your video marketing strategy for Facebook.

I find that one of the biggest problems is that marketers are creating their videos without actually knowing who they are targeting. Let me explain: if you aren’t sure of who you are targeting then how can you possibly hope to be successful with your video marketing on Facebook?

For instance, a piece of video marketing on Facebook aimed at men aged 50 and over is going to be very different in style to a Facebook video aimed at teenage girls for example.

By deciding which target demographic you want to aim your promotion towards before creating your video, you can ensure that your video marketing on Facebook will be much more successful. Of course, you can make as many videos tailored towards as many demographics as you wish, so you may decide to make one Facebook video aimed at teenagers, and another aimed at people in their 30s etc.

Another thing that a lot of marketers seem to struggle with is actually taking the time to do a little bit of research into the video marketing on Facebook which already exists within their niche.

By looking at existing videos from competitors offering a similar product or service, you can gain a good understanding of what style of video actually works well in your particular market – it may also lead you to discover an area that is not yet being exploited, allowing you to become the first person to take advantage of this.

Ask yourself what makes a successful Facebook video and make notes about the quality of the video, the length as well as any images or thumbnails it may use. Also take note of the keywords and description it uses. Doing this groundwork will help you to create the most effective video marketing campaign on Facebook, and will maximize the amount of viewers your video will get and the exposure for whatever it is you are promoting.

Now you can begin to actually create your Facebook video. By having a clear target audience you can tailor your video to match your audience.

Another issue that I often see are videos which do not make effective use of titles, descriptions and tags. Remember that Facebook Video offers you the chance to enter all of these details, so ensure that you fill them in. Use a title that is relevant to the content of your Facebook video, you may also decide to include a few keywords in your title. Enter an accurate description of your video so that your viewers know what it is about before they actually watch it, again you can include keywords here, and even a link to your website. Finally, you can use Facebook video ‘tagging’ to identify the people in your video – this is great if your video features a well known personality or expert!

Unlike many social networking sites, Facebook is made up of a lot of people who already know each other, perhaps old school mates, or work colleagues for instance. The thing to bear in mind whenever you carry out video marketing campaign on Facebook is that these people know each other in real life, and have probably been friends for many years. Therefore simply trying to force feed them your promotion is not likely to get you results. The real key to successfully making money through video marketing on Facebook is to offer true value in the information you are presenting.

Using video marketing on Facebook to make money is not as difficult as you may imagine, however the unique nature of Facebook means that you may have to adjust your strategies and use marketing techniques that you may not have used before.

Filippo Toso is an Italian marketing consultant with many years of experience. He has an extensive client base, which includes the FAO, the UN, and many Fortune 500 companies. He uses one of his own products to promote his services on Facebook Video.


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